The list of sports events canceled this spring due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak continued to grow Thursday as the 2020 Austin’s Shoes Run With Rotary 5K- scheduled for Saturday, April 4- was canceled.

“As much as we hate to do it, in the best interests of all parties involved we have decided not to have the 12th annual Austin’s Shoes Run With Rotary 5K this year,” said race chairman and spokesperson Greg Cooley.”

The decision to cancel one of Corinth’s two major foot races was not taken lightly and a lot of discussions were held with leading health and medical officials and personnel before a final decision was made.

“We just decided the risks were too great,” said Cooley. “We talked with a lot of leaders in the health industry and made the decision that we didn’t want to put any extra pressure on people like EMT’s, police, city street department and all other organizations and officials involved with the race. Plus, with all the national warnings about the dangers of large gatherings the decision was made to simply cancel this year’s event.”

As far as running the 5K later on this year Cooley said, “We looked at the yearly calendar and the all the events planned for the remainder of 2020 and there were just no weekends where it would not interfere with other events and we certainly did not want to clog up the calendar so we’re good with waiting until next April to have the race again. We’ll be back then bigger and better than ever.”

One of the primary reasons Cooley and the Rotary organization, along with all race sponsors, decided to move the race from October to April last year was so more people could participate at a time of the year the sports calendar wasn’t jammed full of events and activities.

That strategy worked last spring as there were 50 more that pre-registered as compared to October 0f 2018.

For those that have already pre-registered for the 2020 race, all entry fees will be refunded with one exception.

“All those who have already pre-registered paid with credit cards and all those fees will be refunded,” said Cooley. “However, if someone who has already pre-paid would still like their money to be used in the community as it always is, to help folks, then all that person would need to do is send an email to in the next 10 days and those funds will be used as planned. But for those who would like a refund we will start reimbursing each person’s accounts beginning around the first part of April.

Cooley also pointed out that all race sponsors, including the title sponsor Austin’s Shoes, have instructed Cooley to keep their donations and use it for good as they always do.

“We thank all our sponsors for doing this for us,” Cooley concluded. “Especially in these trying times where all of us are faced with a dilemma like we’ve never faced before.”

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