Week two of Pigskin Picks was another challenging one with a handful of contests that could have gone either way.

The games that caused the most misses were all from the college ranks – Georgia vs Clemson, Penn State vs Wisconsin and LSU vs UCLA. Even the Belmont/Tishomingo County rivalry, won by the Braves for the fourth straight year, had a split vote that leaned a bit more to TC than Belmont.

But in a rivalry that’s expected.

The most common record for the week was 10-3 with three pickers going 11-2. The top ballots recorded 12-1 records, those belonging to Barbara Wood of Michie and Carolyn Wolfe of Jackson (Tenn). There were no perfect entries this week, meaning the tiebreaker game between Miami (FL) and Miami would settle the issue. Wood guessed closest to the total number of points scored, submitting 48 as her guess, as the Tide rolled 44-13. Her only miscue was picking Belmont over Tish County.

By the way, the Kossuth vs Corinth game was a freebie this week due to the game being forfeited. Even so, the Aggies received 12 votes to win.

The games for this week can be found on the ad page in Tuesday’s edition. As a reminder, picks must reach the Daily Corinthian office by 3:30 p.m. on Friday to be considered.

Good luck and good pickins ... and thanks for being loyal readers of the Daily Corinthian sports pages.

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