It was open season for upsets in Pigskin Picks this week and only a few navigated through the 13-game lineup with more than 10 correct picks.

The most common record was 10-3, turned in by 45 percent of entries received. There was one ‘gimme contest as Thrasher vs Baldwyn was awarded to the Rebels by forfeit due to the Bearcats being in quarantine. No one could see that coming, or perhaps some did because THS garnered a few votes.

The biggest surprises were South Pontotoc’s 38-7 upset win over Walnut along with Mississippi State’s 44-34 win at LSU. The Wildcats were named on 80 percent of the ballots while the Bulldogs, and their new ‘Air-Raid’ offense, garnered just 20 percent of the ballot’s votes.

Although being home ‘dogs to MRA, Corinth was named on 40 percent of the ballots while Kossuth was named on 30 percent against Senatobia. The McNairy Central/Harding Academy game was split about even while Ole Miss received five votes to defeat Florida. And, believe it or not, many had faith that Florida State would upset heavily favored Miami (FL) in South Florida as the Seminoles received just over 50 percent of the votes.

After tallying all the ballots only seven pickers ended up with 11 wins or more and there were no perfect entries.

Four individual ballots posted 11-2 records but three bested that with 12-1 marks. That trio consisted of defending champion Brad Starling, Blake Robertson and Teddy Hinton, all of Corinth. Starling and Robertson missed only the MSU victory over LSU while Hinton picked Walnut.

The tiebreaker game was the total points in the Mississippi State/LSU contest, which came to 78. Hinton guessed 49 while Robertson said 52. But Starling was closest with a guess of 56, making him the first back-to-back Pigskin Picks winner in recent memory.

This week’s slate of games are in Tuesday’s Daily Corinthian with a $25 monetary prize hanging in the balance.

As always, thanks for being loyal readers of the Daily Corinthian sports pages and for participating in this long-running weekly contest. It’s easy, it’s fun and it pays off to each weekly winner.

Congratulations to Brad Starling, this week’s Pigskin Picks winner.

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