IUKA — Tishomingo County High School head baseball coach Jarrad Robinson resigned this week to assume the role of assistant high school principal.

He will remain in his position as the school’s athletic director.

Robinson released the following statement Wednesday.

“For most, if not all, my life I have been dedicated to pursuing two things: playing college baseball and then being a high school head baseball coach. Over the years my success (and failure) on and off the field has afforded me the opportunity to do both. And truthfully, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those collective experiences. Effective immediately, I will be stepping away from my role as head baseball coach at Tishomingo County High School so that I may fully dedicate myself to my administrative responsibilities as assistant principal and athletic director at TCHS. I would like to thank Mrs. Christie Holly, the TCSD School Board, Mr. Pete Howell, Mrs. Monica Moss and especially Mr. Dax Glover for trusting me to lead the TCHS Braves baseball program for the past 12 months. It has been one of my greatest privileges to be able to both lead and serve a program that has personally meant so much to me over the years. Players, I thank you for dedicating yourselves to a thing that was bigger than you … something that will last well beyond when you’re gone from this place. I am thankful for your willingness to buy into an experience that I hope you will never forget. Lastly, I thank my family, especially my wife – Faith – for supporting me through all the seasons, and all the games over the last 15 years. You encouraged me when I was down and you brought me back down to earth when we were a little too high on ourselves. I absolutely could not have done any of it without you. I am forever grateful for your love and support through all of it. My coaching career may have come full circle but my job is not done. I look forward to continuing to serve the faculty, staff and students of Tishomingo County High School for many years to come.”

The school has posted the head baseball coach opening and hopes to have a new coach in place as soon as possible.

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