The man who led Corinth to their first football state championship in December of 2019 has resigned to move back closer to home.

Todd Lowery submitted his resignation on Friday after five years at the helm of the Warriors. During that span Corinth won two division crowns in addition to the state title as they compiled a 43-22 record with explosive offensive numbers that rivaled the best in school history.

Lowery will be moving to Raleigh High School, a 3A program between Jackson and Hattiesburg, where he will be the offensive coordinator for the Lions.

“The head coach there (Ryan Higdon) and I go way back and coached together before as assistants for several years,” said Lowery. “I also know two or three of the assistant coaches on staff so it just felt like the right fit for me and my family.”

Following Corinth’s 55-21 annihilation of Poplarville in the 2019 4A state title game at Southern Miss Lowery became a hot commodity as several schools around the state asked to interview him for their head coaching positions, including south Mississippi 5A stalwart Wayne County.

At the time Lowery said none of the offers he received were the right fit and that he was happy at Corinth.

He returned to lead the Warriors to another Region 1-4A title last fall during the COVID-19 pandemic-shortened season. They advanced to the third round of the state playoffs before dropping a narrow 23-18 road decision at Itawamba AHS.

Once again, various schools came seeking Lowery to be their head coach to no avail.

Then he recently received the call from his old coaching buddy (Higdon) and this time the situation just felt right.

“I said all along I would not leave Corinth for just any job,” Lowery confided. “It was gonna have to be the right time and the right fit.”

The Raleigh job fit just like a new suit. After all Higdon is a wing-T disciple just like Lowery.

“I knew it felt right to me but I also talked it over with my wife and gave it a lot of thought before making the decision to accept it,” Lowery continued. “I met with the players and coaches in the field house Friday afternoon and informed them. It was definitely an emotional meeting but I told the players that things like this happen in life, even with them. I said ‘y’all will be making personal choices like where to attend college and what to study and then where to move when you graduate’ and that’s just the beginning. Some former players even showed up for the meeting and offered their support.”

“It’s a difficult thing to handle up front but in the end they understood,” said the new Raleigh OC.

“It was a tough thing to do having to tell the kids I’m leaving. I love these kids and we have a strong relationship and the same thing goes for my staff. I reminded the players that no person is bigger than the program, not even me … or any coach or player for that matter. I reminded them that they were the ones that had built the program and that whoever the next head coach is to please get behind them and keep the strong tradition here going.”

Lowery went on to say, “when we came here five years ago the Corinth football program was winning and in good shape. I believe that we are leaving the program in better shape than when we took over and that’s always the goal.”

As far as why he decided on Raleigh and why now?

“As much as I have been honored and loved being the head coach here at Corinth you can’t put a price on family,” he said. “We’ve been here for five years now and away from our families. In my new position we’ll be very close to home and in familiar territory around familiar people.”

Lowery will work out his contract with the Corinth school system, which runs through the first of June, before leaving the Crossroads City. He is also the head coach for the North squad in the upcoming MHSFCA All-Star Classic. The game is scheduled for May 19 at Saltillo High School. The contest is usually played at Tiger Stadium on the Northeast CC campus in Booneville. However, the game was moved to Lee County this year due to a scheduling conflict with the Booneville High School graduation ceremony.

Several of Lowery’s current CHS seniors are on the All-Star roster so they will have one last chance to suit up for their old coach.

Corinth High School Athletic Director David Robbins issued a short statement Friday concerning Lowery’s resignation.

“Coach Todd Lowery resigned as head football coach at Corinth High School today. The Corinth School District wishes he and his family nothing but the best as they are making the decision to move back closer to home.”

On a personal note Lowery said, “To the parents, community, supporters and the entire Corinth family I want them to know just how much they mean to me and how important they have been in the success of this program. We will miss them dearly and Corinth will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Lowery’s wife Andrea, the CHS tennis coach, also turned in her resignation Friday along with her husband.

“We’re gonna miss Corinth but we also look forward to being back closer to home and family and the new challenges that await at Raleigh,” he said in conclusion.

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