Traditions are a staple in any society. That includes the good old U.S.A.

There are many and they celebrate a plethora of occasions.

There is the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday where Americans, as well as those of other cultures, set a day aside to give thanks for all their blessings, as well as the freedoms we enjoy as a country. It’s not good for turkeys but we seem to enjoy it.

Another Thanksgiving tradition is a day full of football, both NFL and college. In fact, Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans will wrap up their Thanksgiving Day by either watching the Egg Bowl live at Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville or in the cozy comforts of their easy chairs at home.

That’s followed by Christmas, which is believed to be the oldest traditional holiday. I wouldn’t bet money on that but I have heard that from the grapevine.

Then comes Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day (which we recently celebrated) just to name a few.

However, there is another tradition that we in the Crossroads Area celebrate each year and it has nothing to do with turkeys or football or flags.

Well, flags maybe.

The Lighthouse Classic is now as much a part of Corinth’s culture as the Slugburger Festival and the annual Corinth Christmas Parade.

The 2021 Classic begins next Friday with a 9 a.m. tip between Kossuth and Delta Academy (coached by former Tishomingo County coach Craig Dailey). The tournament programs were just delivered to the Daily Corinthian offices Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier. I’m like a kid at Christmas thumbing through the pages, reading all about the teams and players that will be running up and down the court throwing down classic jams, firing up three-pointers, picking the pockets of opposing players and dishing off assists to help their team score.

I truly hope everyone that can make at least one day of the tournament. You won’t regret it. For those who have never attended but have always wanted to, or at least have thought about attending, make this the year to pull the trigger.

I can’t wait to see everyone at Corinth Warrior gym. That includes not only the fans but old media member friends and all the coaches and players that will be on hand.

Some of these coaches bring their teams either every year or what seems like every year, so it will be good to get reacquainted as COVID kept us apart last year.

Next week will be a big one for the Daily Corinthian sports department as we build up to both the 2021 Lighthouse Classic as well as the Egg Bowl on Thursday prior to the tournament.

Keep an eye out.

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