The annual Crossroads Magazine Sports Rewind Edition, which highlights the best of the best from the local high school sports scene from the previous year in Alcorn County, is due to be published again this spring.

Stories to be included so far for this year’s edition include a local prep football team that played for a state title, another that won their division, a cheer squad that captured a state championship and a cross country team with so many states titles there is a dynasty in the making.

At this point it appears there will be a pair of division winners on the hardwood and possibly one or more state titles on the bowling lanes.

The glaring absence in the 2021 Crossroads Sports Magazine will certainly spring sports from 2020. I need not remind our readers why that is the case.

My focal point here for the next few minutes is the idea of being thankful for what we have and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves because they might not appear again for a while, or ever again if the Lord decides to return and end it all for good.

As a sports writer and editor I deal with a collage of people and situations on a daily basis. Most of the time they are pleasant, but other times … not so much.

I expect situations to vary because most are uncontrolled, but sometimes, and I believe understandably, I am taken back by the way human beings act when it comes to high school sports.

And in this case I’m referring to parents of high school athletes.

Pardon me if it seems like we’ve covered this ground before, but the fact is the issues are still present and prevalent.

If a particular school or student doesn’t appear in print in a time and fashion that a parent deems acceptable, they become upset and sometimes enraged. Many times they lash out.

To this I say spend a day, just one full work day, in my shoes – or those of any writer or editor – and tomorrow I believe the opinion of most will likely change. That tends to happen when we walk in each others’ shoes.

We live in a world where stress and anger are daily medicines and it seems a majority take in large doses when they wake up each day. And it seems they never wear off.

Being reared as a Christian, and being taught the golden rule from the cradle, I firmly believe that if a person wants good things to happen then act accordingly. Don’t be so critical. Try a little understanding and patience. And realize that if my child doesn’t appear in print when I think they should or they don’t receive the coverage I believe they should receive, a sports writer has a loaded plate and is doing the best they can to make sure every sport is covered as evenly as possible.

I sit back in amazement and wonder how on God’s green earth our former President Donald Trump, love him or not, dealt with all the hate, violence, criticism and trials he endured over four years while doing all he could to help this country.

Makes me think of how our Lord went to the cross and died for us whiny, moaning critical and flat-out rebellious humans who he created and then still offers all of us a chance to make it right and start acting accordingly.

I will always dedicate myself to the betterment of all sports and student athletes in the Daily Corinthian coverage area without regard to school, individual, color or creed. I will continue to do my best to always bring our readers the best in high school sports coverage.

And my phone, email, twitter and Facebook pages are always open for suggestions and comments.

But let’s leave bitterness where it belongs … out back in the trash can.

Until next time …

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