Dear Editor,

Please allow me to use this means of expressing the heartfelt appreciation of my entire family on Barron Road, Summit, Mississippi, for the help provided to our area by the fine employees of Alcorn County Electric Power Association in Corinth in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

We live in a rural area about ten miles west of McComb and were in the direct path of Ida. She left most of our county without electricity and phone service. We certainly were very grateful that we were not harmed and that our homes were not destroyed; however, like most of America today, our lives were transformed as the conveniences on which we depend were suddenly ripped away.

Having no water (for some who rely upon water wells), being unable to cook (as most of us in rural America are all-electric), having no way to cool our modern homes, and having limited access to gasoline to power our inadequate generators (only the fortunate few had them) is life-changing! In most homes there are also freezers filled with vegetables and meat from our own farms, and the loss of those items is truly heartbreaking.

Throughout the outage, which for us lasted from 11:30 p.m. Sunday night until 6 p.m. Friday evening, we repeatedly called our local power association and were assured that crews were in our area. Actually, on two occasions we were told that we had electricity!

Certainly, we understood that we were not the only customers with an outage, but we were increasingly frustrated as, day after day, we never even saw a power company truck on our road. We knew our problem was an easy one to correct—a tree had fallen across the power line on the road running in front of our house.

On Monday morning after the storm hit, my husband cut the tree off of the line and pushed it out of the way with his tractor. The line lay in the road all week until your crew came at 6 p.m. on Friday to pull the line back up on the pole. When we saw the trucks coming, my husband, my sister, and I—all septuagenarians—looked like college cheerleaders as we waved our arms in the air, jumped for joy, and cheered as if we were being rescued from Afghanistan!!

I wish I had the names of our heroes, but I know only that they drove trucks from ACE in Corinth. We were able to speak to two very fine young men as they stood near our gate and realized only afterward of a common connection to one of them.

I sincerely hope they see this letter and know how very much we appreciate their help to us and to all who were so badly affected by Ida. I pray that God will always protect them and their families as they are so often in harm’s way.

The reciprocity of services provided by power companies all over the country in times of storms is truly a model of the Biblical exhortation to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Cherrie and Garry Randall

Patty Breckenridge

Paul and Adina Breckridge

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