To the Editor:

Corinth lost a giant on Monday Aug. 2 with the passing of Corinth resident Max Butler.

Just about everyone in the Crossroads area knew Max ...whether they liked it or not. He talked his way into parties he didn't get invited to, out of tickets he definitely should have gotten, and to just about everyone he ever came across. Let's just say God gave him a little extra gift of gab.

And while life took me far away from my hometown, the lessons he taught me stuck pretty deep. At the simplest level, Max taught me how to swing a golf club. But when I reflect back, that isn't the part I remember most.

I remember a man who taught me never to be afraid of chasing greatness. I remember a man who sacrificed his time, money, and even his health for a kid he wasn't related to and wasn't getting paid to mentor. I remember a man who knew the power and fulfillment of relationships. Most of all, I remember him as family.

Max's passing also leaves me with great sadness. We had a falling out more than a decade ago and I never properly thanked him for ... well ... everything.

I regret that.

He deserved a little gratitude from the ungrateful kid he put up with for so long. I am going to so miss Max Butler. The next time I hit the golf course, I'll be thinking of him.

Can't wait to see you again in heaven my friend.

Jacob Smith

Arlington, Virginia

Alcorn County nativeĀ 

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