“You better stop

Look around

Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes

Here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown” – Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

ROLLING FORK — I guess 2020 is what happens when half the people in the country start acting like the characters in an M. Night Shyamalan film.

It’s crazy. It makes no sense. It’s just plain nuts. And not just one thing. Everything.

The worst viral outbreak since that of the 1918 Spanish Flu has now infected more than 11 million Americans, filled hospital ICU’s all over the country to the brim and by the time this is read will likely have killed a quarter of a million of us. So, what do we do?

Well, the president quits attending his virus task force meetings, threatens to fire the world’s leading epidemiologists, puts some quack doctor with a theory straight out of the Dr. Mengele playbook in charge of the national response, files scads of lawsuits trying to overturn an election he clearly lost which are so frivolous that judges figuratively laugh them out of their courts, freezes out the transition team from the next administration and plays golf.

Oh, yeah, and he actually does fire most of the leading figures within the defense and intelligence communities (those who have not already quit), because he suspects that they are not loyal enough to him. Note to the President: this ain’t just about you, pal. The nation somehow managed to endure four years of you and on election day told you that would be enough, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, having possibly saved the country from what was looking more and more like a death march into autocracy by first nominating, then turning out to elect a nice, normal-seeming, soft spoken fellow who doesn’t scare people to death, Democrats have now returned to their ever-so-often state of party civil war. Lord, they can’t read election returns, either.

What folks now call the “progressive wing” of the party – the left-wing wackos we used to more accurately describe as flaming liberals – are once again wailing and gnashing teeth over their fears that their new president-elect is not going to sufficiently “reflect their values.”

Of course, he isn’t. If he reflected your values to any greater degree he wouldn’t have gotten elected. This country’s voters didn’t make some 90-degree about face into left wing looniness. The voters of this country, as politically punch-drunk as Roberto Duran was literally, made the 2020 presidential election a referendum on Donald Trump and collectively cried out “No mas!”

The electorate said “enough with the craziness,” not “we’d like to trade one kind for another.”

The American people, time-after-time, keep trying to tell the Democratic Party that this is a center-to-center/right country, and if you want to achieve power at any level, you will nominate moderate candidates with whom they can live, even if they don’t agree on every issue.

Every Democrat now bemoaning Joe Biden’s rejection of the Green New Deal and the breathtakingly stupid notion of “defunding the police,” are yet again failing to recognize that just such nonsense as that is exactly why, barring nothing short of a political miracle in Georgia, they are not going to control the Senate and damn near lost control of the House, even as they were evicting Donald Trump from the White House and replacing him with – once again, with feeling, somebody who is normal enough not to scare folks.

In retrospect, I think it quite possible that Joe Biden won the election on the debate night when he shut down Trump’s attempt to paint all Dems as socialists by saying that was hogwash and at the moment “I am the Democratic Party.”

Would the Democrats might learn that.

But, heck, the fascist-friendly Trumpies are just as crazy, too. Maybe even more so.

And, no, not just because they voted for him. That was unfortunate, but not crazy.

What’s crazy is deciding that neither Fox News nor the mainstream social networking platforms are righteously right wing enough for you.

Listen here, when you decide that Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson are not fire-breathing conservative enough for you, you might ought to start investigating some of the significant recent pharmaceutical strides made in the psychotropic drug field.

When you decide that Facebook’s and Twitter’s decisions to fact-check the steady stream of lies and conspiracy theories with which you flood its news feeds all day, every day, amounts to intolerable censorship and you seek to go even deeper down the rabbit holes of your fever swamp imaginings on new platforms catering to them, you might want to have a chat with some professional who could write you some prescriptions.

Look, this country is in one hell of a mess right now and everybody going slap dab crazy is not going to help things one bit as we try to get ourselves out of it. The thing about going crazy, is that folks notice.

Heck, Shyamalan is probably already in production on this one.

Ray Mosby is editor and publisher of the Deer Creek Pilot in Rolling Fork.

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