Monday mornings never work out quite the way we plan, but some are a bit more challenging than others.

This Monday began fairly normally with the usual rush out the door to school and work. After dropping my boys off at school, I stopped for gas before heading to the office.

My car had been running normally with no signs of problems, but when I got back in after pumping my gas I heard the dreaded clicking sound of a run down battery.

I wasn’t going anywhere without some help.

A quick call to my wife had her on the way with our other vehicle for a jump start, but even that would prove to be a bit difficult. I connected up the cables but clearly wasn’t getting a strong connection.

As I fidgeted and fiddled with it all, a stranger came out of the gas station. He stopped for a moment and tightened the cable and then told me to try it again. Sure enough, it started right back up.

He got back in his own vehicle and was gone before I could do much more than say a quick thanks, but it was the kind of moment that made me feel a bit better about people. It may have been just a minute for him, but it got my whole morning back on track.

Sometimes it’s the small acts of kindness that can make a huge difference. It only takes a few minutes to improve someone’s day and help them along.

We could all learn a lot from this helpful stranger. If we all take a few extra moments to see those around us and help where we can, the world would be a much better place.

Random acts of kindness, each day, can help us all through these tough and trying times.

I know I’ll try to remember that the next time an opportunity presents itself to help someone else. It’s something we would all do well to remember and act on every chance we get.

Brant Sappington is a longtime member of the Daily Corinthian news family. He currently serves as managing editor of the Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, and as assistant editor of the Corinthian.

Banner Independent Editor

Managing editor of the Daily Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, Brant Sappington has been a member of the Daily Corinthian family since 2001.

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