A private burial ceremony was held at 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 22 for Sadie, 10, of Corinth, in the backyard of the former Waits Estate at 712 Douglas Street in Corinth.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, friends and family request walk-by memorial tributes to the little black and tan Miniature Pinscher, a breed also known as Min Pin.

She was buried with full canine honors in the backyard near a wooden fence on a hill so she can keep watch over the neighborhood she loved so much.

Sadie died a horrible and horrific death in the early morning hours of Jan. 22 in the garage of 800 Douglas Street where she had sought shelter from the cold. It was one of many neighborhood places the roaming canine sought refuge from storms, rain and freezing temperatures.

A pack of dogs attacked Sadie inside Mark and Dawn Boehler’s garage. The couple tried to rescue the community Min Pin friend, but the injuries were too severe and the blood loss too massive. It was murder in the first degree by several collarless dogs five times her size.

Sadie died not far from her favorite charcoal grill where she spent many joyous weekend afternoons begging for a grilled hamburger, brat or her favorite treat – a grilled Nathan’s beef hot dog.

The free-spirited pet was a rescue animal from the Corinth-Alcorn County Animal Shelter by Kym Tyson and family when she was a wee pup.

Although the intersection of Douglas and Gloster streets was Sadie’s doggy domain, she visited many areas of Corinth, including the historic downtown area.

Sadie protected her neighborhood, following and barking at drug addicts walking the streets or backpack toting bicycle riders who rode the streets after midnight. She could sniff out a bad person three blocks away.

The Min Pin did not appreciate brown UPS trucks or any vehicle transporting a trailer – always chasing them down the street as if she was moving them along.

Sadie never bit anyone. She did not like to be touched, petted or being held. She always kept her distance from all humans, including the ones she adopted. The tiny bundle of energy was a true Alpha dog, eluding capture by Corinth Animal Control and assisting other friendly stray dogs in eluding the authorities.

Sadie’s breed is an excellent hunter and the neighborhood squirrel population was always kept in check. She was also known to lay in the middle of the street, causing motorists to go around her or make them honk their vehicle horns.

Survivors include the Tyson family, Noel, Mary Ruth, Kym, Timothy and Christopher, along with her other corner family, Mark and Dawn Boehler, Amber Fletcher, Gregory Spencer and Nancy Sherrill. Sadie also leaves her good friend Stubbie, a.k.a. Bo, Low Rider or Black Limo, a part-lab, part Basset Hound who took up residence at Sadie’s intersection about a year ago.

Sadie was preceded in death by her friend Two Socks, a.k.a. Chester, a small white mixed breed who liked to chase squirrels and cyclists. Despite complaints, Two Socks eluded capture but met his fate one afternoon in the middle of Gloster when he was struck by an SUV.

Burial ceremony music was provided by Stubbie, who continues to howl near Sadie’s grave, mourning the loss of his playmate and best friend.

Burial service and funeral arrangements were provided by Mark Boehler, the grieving gravedigger who was always greeted by his four-legged friend upon arrival home after a hard day at the office.

The Boehler’s indoor dogs, Lexie and Maggie, served as honorary pallbearers. Their noses pressed to their home’s storm door glass, they barked one final ceremonial good-bye to their little friend with whom they didn’t mind sharing their Begging Strip treats.

In lieu of flowers, Sadie’s family requests memorial donations be made to Heart of Alabama: Save, Rescue, Adopt (HASRA), a 501c3 non-profit no-kill rescue operation which saves dogs and places them in good homes. Although based in Alabama, the rescue and adoption network has a strong and successful presence in Alcorn County. Makes checks payable to HASRA and send to Daily Corinthian, P.O. Box 1800, Corinth, Miss. 38835. Make sure the check states for “Sadie’s Memorial.” Checks can also be delivered to the newspaper office at 1607 Harper Road.

Being a rescue animal herself, Sadie would surely provide a barking “amen” to HASRA’s efforts.

A neighborhood mourns the loss of the free spirit of Sadie, a street dog who stole the hearts of many who knew her.

Sadie’s good friend Noel Tyson sent a text to the memorial burial ceremony.

“I have never known another pet that owned so many humans.”


Mark Boehler is editor of the Daily Corinthian. He may be reached at editor@dailycorinthian.com. To learn about HASRA’s mission, go to hasra.org. Donations can also be made directly on the website. Please note Sadie’s Memorial.


A 1981 University of Tennessee - Martin graduate, Mark Boehler has over 40 years of journalism experience. His wife Dawn is the love of his life and they share five grown children and 10 grandchildren. His passion is his work - writing and photography.

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