The Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has pledged support to the Crossroads Museum by providing financial assistance and showing a willingness to assist in its new concept to be more of a railroad enthusiast destination.

The tourism board action was taken via a Zoom meeting Tuesday morning after Crossroads Museum Director Whitney Worsham made two financial requests and shared the facility “wants to be more of a train museum.”

“People come and they expect Civil War history,” said the director, as the museum is housed in the Historic Railroad Depot in downtown Corinth at the railroad junction. “But we want to add to the train theme. We want more things for kids … we are looking at adding model trains.”

“The railroad angle is a place we can pick up activity,” said board member Danny Timmons, voted new board president for the 2020-21 fiscal year which begins Oct. 1. “The railroad attraction is a really good angle.”

The tourism board voted to give the museum its $2,500 sponsorship request, but denied the facility’s request for the tourism office to pay for staffing on Saturdays.

The tourism board has voted down pay for organization staffing in the past, citing they would rather spend money on promotion, projects and programs.

“(Pay for) staffing is a slippery slope for sure,” said Corinth Tourism Director Christy Burns.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Worsham said the pay for help was $8 an hour. She also said Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the busiest days at the museum in terms of visitation.

Rather than pay the $416 it would take to staff the museum on 13 Saturdays until the end of the year, board members voted unanimously to provide the sponsorship and keep open dialog on future projects, especially the railroad theme idea.

“Pay for staffing is not in our wheel house,” noted board member Laura Albright, voted new board vice-president for the fiscal year. “But I’d like to see us work more with them on future projects.”

Russell Smith was voted new secretary-treasurer of the tourism board.

All board members were present for the meeting, as were Tourism Brand Manager Emily Steen and National Park Service Supervisory Ranger Ashley Berry.


A 1981 University of Tennessee - Martin graduate, Mark Boehler has over 40 years of journalism experience. His wife Dawn is the love of his life and they share five grown children and 10 grandchildren. His passion is his work - writing and photography.

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