RIENZI — An elderly Alcorn County woman was attacked by three dogs who escaped from their pen at a neighboring residence Tuesday afternoon.

Annie Ruth Strickland, 84, of County Road 534 in Rienzi, was taken to Magnolia Regional Health Center for treatment after the attack, which occurred at her home in her yard around 3:30. Sheriff Ben Caldwell said she had several bites on her side and calf. Strickland’s son came to her assistance, and the dogs went back to their home, where the owner got them back in the pen.

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case with the animal control officer, Luke Doehner. Caldwell said it is possible that charges will be filed against the owner of the dogs. The animals are to be held by the animal shelter pending the outcome of the investigation, which will determine their fate, he said.

Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter Director Charlotte Doehner said Mr. Doehner was not able to take the German Shepherd dogs into custody on Tuesday because they were too vicious. Another attempt was going to be made on Wednesday.

People who let animals roam run the risk of being civilly liable for things like loss of livestock or criminally liable if someone is injured or damage is done.

“There is no leash law in the county, but you are responsible for your animals, and you are responsible for any damage and anything that they do,” said Caldwell.

Last week, Luke Doehner encouraged the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors to consider an ordinance requiring people to keep up their dogs.

“Right now, they can run free anywhere in the county, and every time somebody gets a new dog out in the county, they run loose,” he told the board. “Their neighbors start complaining because there are dogs in their yard, dogs in the garden, attacking their dogs. They feel restricted and can’t get out of the house. There’s no way to really control that until we can pass some kind of an ordinance.”

Charlotte Doehner said they are hearing many complaints about loose dogs in the county.

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Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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just another incident to prove Luke correct,and in THIS case especially,the owner it appears is keeping vicious animals that unfortunately need to be put down,and owner heavily fined plus all this lady's medical expenses be paid for by animals owner.

Darla Nash

I pray the county will finally do something about dogs that roam free. My heart was broken when I read this article. My granddaughter and I have both been attacked by loose pit bulls. Please hold the owner accountable.

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