Sleds were not alone in sliding around the roads Friday morning.

City and county law enforcement reported numerous problems for motorists Thursday night and Friday morning as melting and re-freezing created some of the worst road hazards yet from the two winter storms.

“We had a lot of cars sliding off the road this morning,” Police Chief Ralph Dance said Friday afternoon. “It iced over pretty good last night. As the day has progressed, it has gotten better because of the sunshine and the warmer temperatures.”

The highways in the city were looking pretty clear.

“A lot of the back roads – the roads that aren’t getting a lot of sunshine – are still covered over, and we expect them to stay that way until sometime tomorrow, maybe into Sunday.”

The hill on South Harper Road was shut down for some time.

“Everybody would get half-way up and start rolling back down,” said Dance.

Part of Shiloh Road near Shiloh Ridge was closed because of a troublesome curve.

“They couldn’t make the curve and they were running off the edge of the road yesterday and some this morning,” said Dance. “All that seems to have gotten better as the day has gone on.”

He encouraged people to continue to use caution if they get out on the roads.

Sheriff Ben Caldwell said there were mishaps all over the county Thursday night and early Friday. Highway 72 West was closed for awhile because of a jackknifed tractor trailer.

“We had a lot of trouble on Highway 2 going toward Kossuth with multiple vehicles off the road there,” he said.

The Kimberly Clark Parkway was another trouble spot.

While the main roads were looking much better by Friday afternoon, many county roads continued to be covered with ice and snow.

“There are some county roads that don’t get any sun,” said Caldwell. “They are shaded all the time, so that’s going to take a lot longer, even when it warms up.”

He was concerned the county could see some issues into Sunday, even as temperatures will be on the rebound after another very cold night Friday night. The mercury is expected to top 40 today and 50 on Sunday.

The chief and sheriff agreed it has been a challenging week.

“I’m ready for some 75 to 85 degree weather,” said Dance.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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