Wooten and Shipp new equipment

Dr. Darwin Wooten and Dr. John Shipp show their new equipment to perform Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery. The first surgery was performed Monday morning at Shipp Wooten Eye Center in Corinth.

Two local doctors have teamed up to bring a new technological procedure to the Crossroads area.

Dr. John Shipp and Dr. Darwin Wooten opened an eye center a few months ago in Corinth where they specialize in a new surgical procedure called Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, which is the newest way to perform cataract operations.

The two ophthalmologists performed their first surgery at 7:30 a.m. on Monday. Shipp and Wooten Eye Center are the only facility in the Crossroads area which offers the advanced surgical procedure to patients.

"This is the first major change in 30 years of how we perform cataract surgery," said Dr. John Shipp, a Corinth native.

He said the Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery is much more convenient and not as complex as the traditional procedure.

"The traditional surgery consisted of using an ultrasound and surgical blades. It was performed successfully for many years, but the new technology takes things to a whole different level," said Shipp, who's been practicing ophthalmology for 10 years.

There are benefits of the new Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, he said. One of them is the precision and accuracy of the treatment. Another is it only takes 15 minutes to perform the surgical procedure. According to Shipp, it's also a very advanced outpatient treatment and those who receive it can leave the facility in two hours or less.

"Patients will like the surgical outcomes such as having better vision and a faster recovery," said Dr. Darwin Wooten, also a Corinth native.

The patients will begin to have better vision the day after the surgery and are able to go back to their full activities within a week, said Wooten. He believes the procedure isn't just easier for the patients, but for the medical staff as well.

"It allows us to have precision, accuracy and a technological advance at our clinic," said Wooten, who previously owned Crossroads Eye Center before joining Shipp.

According to Shipp, cataracts are like looking through a foggy film or cloud. Once the cataract is removed, the individual is able see more clearly.

The new technological surgical procedure is a lot more proficient than the manual way of doing the surgery, said Shipp.

The first step is to take the patient into the laser room where the laser gently performs a corneal incision to open the cataract. The cataracts are then softened and the astigmatism is corrected. The patients are then taken to the operating room where the cataract is gently vacuumed out and an intraocular lens is implanted inside, said Shipp.

"It's very simple," said Shipp, who completed his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The clinic had the laser installed a few weeks ago.

Shipp said it's convenient to all the people in the area who are in need of cataract surgery.

"We want the best visual outcomes for all of our patients. We don't want anyone to feel like they have to travel out of town to receive the highest quality of care," said Shipp.

Wooten agreed with his business and eye care partner.

"We want things that are available in larger cities here in Corinth. Our patients deserve the best," said Wooten, who's been an ophthalmologist for approximately 20 years.

Shipp and Wooten Eye Center offers both eye exams and surgeries. Patients are able to get everything in one location, said Shipp.

The new eye center is located near in intersection of Highways 72 and 45 at 306 Bradley Road.

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Gabby Boyd is a native of Iuka and a graduate of the University of Souther Mississippi where she majored in broadcast journalism. She is a staff writer for the Daily Corinthian and an published fantasy fiction author.

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