The town of Rienzi had the only election action in Alcorn County on Tuesday with voters sending a couple of new members to the Board of Aldermen.

Incumbent Dale A. Leonard led the pack with 55 votes, followed by incumbent Harold W. Palmer, 51; incumbent Jimmy Harwood, 49; Amy Norvell, 48; and Melissa Bearden Morgan, 37. Those five will make up the board, and Morgan is a former member of the board.

Two other candidates were on the ballot – incumbents David W. Massey and James Strickland, who each received 35 votes.

Mayor Walter Williams was unopposed and will serve a fourth term.

Rienzi had 76 votes cast.

Corinth’s municipal elections are in 2022. Glen and Kossuth were not required to hold elections because they had only enough candidates to fill the available slots. Farmington’s election was settled in the primary.

The new term of office for municipal elected officials begins July 1.

Other area results, with “X” indicating elected candidates:



X Joel Robertson – 274

Police chief

X Randy Stringer – 285


X Emily S. Bell – 201

X Kenny W. Carson – 256

Dustin Dick – 132

X Sandra Kay Perkins – 178

X Johnny A. Southward – 242

X Nancy South Stripling – 221

Bradley “Brad” Thompson – 153



Dainie Lambert – 58

X David Nixon – 134


X Jason Blakney – 135

X Niesha Carpenter – 149

X Robert Davis – 154

X Billy D. Hamm – 147

Edward Meeks – 91

X Denise Timbes – 116

Cindy Yarbrough – 75


Results in Farmington were settled in the Republican primary in April, with Reece Wallin unseating incumbent Dale Fortenberry for mayor. The city elected three new aldermen – Ricky Gibens, Shane Bridges and Tammy Philamlee – along with incumbents Johnny Potts and Jeff Patterson.


David W. Derrick, who took office as mayor in 2018 following the death of Danny Beavers, advances to his first full term.

Although there was no election, there will be a change on the Board of Aldermen. Incumbent David S. Derrick, son of the mayor, did not seek reelection. New to the board will be Bryan O. White, joining incumbents Frances Null, Ruth Sellers, Shirley Tutor and James A. “Tony” White.


Mayor Donald R. Pace advances to a sixth term in Kossuth, and the incumbent aldermen will return – Billy White, Paul Rollison, Dusty Essary, Steve Jones and James Allen.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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