Property cleanup situations dominated the latest session of the Corinth city board as the city targets a new area and a couple of residents defended their circumstances.

Code Enforcement Officer Kim Ratliff said letters are going out to property owners now in a section of East Corinth, where the city has identified 18 properties that need either general cleanup or demolition of a structure. The area is bounded by Meeks Street on the east, Buchanan Street on the west, Sixth Street on the north and Main Street on the south.

The notice opens a 30-day window for residents “to begin your work or we’re coming to do it for you,” said Ratliff.

The Board of Aldermen on Tuesday set a public hearing for those properties to coincide with the regular board meeting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 6. The addresses are 1610 Second Street, 1407 Second Street, 1605 Third Street, 1501 Third Street, 1405 Third Street, 1119 Fourth Street, 1316 Meeks Street, 1506 Meeks Street, 1104 Fifth Street, 1510 Meeks Street, 1325 Breckenridge, and seven others not identified by street addresses.

In public hearings on Tuesday, the board heard from Donald Joseph Piner, who plans to build a house just inside the city limits at 3852 Proper Street near the intersection with Box Chapel Road. His previous home at that location burned.

Piner obtained a building permit in August 2019, but the project didn’t really get off the ground.

“The property has got a lot of staging of materials on it ,and right now he has been living in a travel trailer while he is working on the house,” said Ratliff. “The process has lasted a little bit longer than we would allow someone to stay in a travel trailer within the city limits.”

Piner told the board that the pandemic delayed his plans, but he renewed the building permit for the construction last week. The foundation is set, and he said he expects the construction to take six to eight months to complete. The board is pushing for the project to move forward and gave a 30-day continuance in order to monitor for progress.

In another hearing involving the West Corinth area, Charles A. Morrow addressed the board regarding 805 Confederate Street, which is at the corner of Eighth Street and includes a fire-damaged house, although the damage is not visible from the outside.

Morrow told the board that the Corinth Fire Department has used the house for training exercises. For that reason, he left the windows and doors unsecured. He said he has recently secured the doors and windows after receiving notice from the city.

Morrow said he has contractors set to evaluate the property to determine if the house can be repaired or needs to be removed. The board gave a 90-day continuance to give the owner time to complete his plan.

Morrow said he spent about $75,000 restoring the house next door and has a vested interest in the appearance of the property.

Other addresses getting continuances include 1004 Confederate Street, 30 days; 200 Forrest School Road, 60 days; and 103 Oakland School Road, two weeks.

The board also ordered mowing on several untended properties – 1502 Tate Street, 1002 Ross Street, corner of Crater Street and White Street, a property at the fork of Blasingame Street and Wenasoga Road, 501 School Street, 1118 Scott Street, and a couple of others with no address available.

The city is also dealing with some cleanup matters through the municipal court. Ratliff said citations on cleanup issues are being served and court dates are being scheduled for some South Corinth properties.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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