A local organization and well known business have teamed up in Tishomingo County. VanLeigh RV and the Tishomingo County Community Coalition have recently developed a partnership.

“It’s great. I would describe it as a win-win situation for their business and TC3,” said Kathy Best, an Iuka resident.

According to Best there are three Safe Haven residents and one former resident working at VanLeigh as of now.

“They’re doing wonderful. They all got a second chance and each one of them is excelling at their jobs,” said Best, the executive director at TC3.

It all started when one resident, Candida Hancock went to work for VanLeigh, said Best.

“Candida did such a good job over there she suggested they look at hiring people at the Safe Haven who are working on turning their lives around,” she said.

After the shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, Candida brought the human resources director over and she conducted interviews at the Safe Haven in the living room, said Best.

“The next day Chelsea Roberson, the HR director called and asked when could they meet with the owner of the company. When the residents met him they told him they just want another chance,” she said. “They were then hired.”

According to Best, the HR director called and asked if one of their employees could temporarily stay at the Safe Haven. The employee had been staying in a hotel and needed a little something more permanent.

“We immediately agreed and now we have a partnership,” said Best. “VanLeigh wants quality employees and our residents want a chance to start over.”

Best is so excited about the new partnership.

“It amazes me how we’ve sent our people over there to apply for jobs and have hired each one of them. They talk to each one of them find out what their skills are and put them where they are needed,” she said.

VanLeigh employees could also do community service at on of the two Bridge Houses. We are also going to do training on team building very soon, said Best.

Staff Writer

Gabby Boyd is a native of Iuka and a graduate of the University of Souther Mississippi where she majored in broadcast journalism. She is a staff writer for the Daily Corinthian and an published fantasy fiction author.

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