Law enforcement officers and first responders have been under rapid fire across the country more so lately than ever in the history of the United States.

Policemen being shot in their vehicles and first responders having their equipment and vehicles damaged – even destroyed – have become alarmingly normal as radical groups unleash their fury upon the very ones who protect them on a daily basis.

Due to the current state of things, the local Firearm Freedom Day Group will host the second Law Enforcement and First Responders Appreciation Day Saturday at the American Legion Hall Post 6 in Corinth.

“Bobby McDaniel and myself got the idea last year for an event like this when we saw a police officer in New York being shot in his squad car while trying to protect innocent lives from harm,” said event spokesperson Jay Anthony. “This year we decided to do another event when we saw on the news two police officers in California shot in the face while also sitting in their vehicles.”

“This Saturday is a special day for us because we get to honor our law enforcement and first responders once again and let them know for certain just how important they are to us and the safety of our lives each and every day,” he said.

This weekend’s event is free and will feature numerous state representatives speaking and lending their support as well as other local speakers.

“I’ll open up with a few welcoming remarks and then Charlotte Doehner from the Corinth Animal Shelter will say a few words as she helps me emcee,” said Anthony. “We also plan on having members of the Alcorn County Armed Patriots speak as well.”

The event, which begins at 2 p.m. with the “Posting of the Colors”, the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation by State Representative Rev. Tracy Arnold of Booneville, will feature free finger foods and drinks supplied by several area merchants. The event is free but private donations will be proudly accepted.

“The Firearm Freedom Day Group is one of the largest Firearms Rights Groups in the southeastern United States,” said Anthony. “We proudly support the rights of Americans to be able to bear arms. In fact, at this Saturday’s event we will welcome open or closed concealed carrying of weapons.”

The wearing of protective masks is at the discretion of each individual who attends. “We invite anyone from around the area who can to come out and give a good word, maybe even a handshake or hug, to a law enforcement member or first responder. Let them know assuredly they are appreciated and vitally needed and welcome in our communities.”

State Representative Nick Bain has made a monetary donation to the organization, he said, and Gideon’s International have asked for, and received permission, to bring Bible’s and present them to every law enforcement officers and first responders in attendance.

“This is going to be a fun day,” said Anthony. “It’s not gonna be a bunch of negativity and drudgery. We want people to come out and have a positive attitude and leave with smiles on their face.”

American Legion Hall Post 6 is located at 511 South Tate Street.

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