The Junior Auxiliary of Corinth has announced nomination forms are available for Outstanding Citizen of 2021.

This year’s recipient will be the 59th community leader to receive this prestigious award. The winner will be presented at the annual Charity Ball to be held Saturday, September 18, 2021 at Shiloh Ridge Athletic Club in Corinth.

Selection is made from nominations by civic groups, church groups, and individuals. All nominations and supporting data must be submitted to Mrs. Ellen Wesson C/O Junior Auxiliary of Corinth at PO Box 2625, Corinth, MS 38835 by July 15, 2021.

As in the past, the Junior Auxiliary is requesting that nominations be made on a Junior Auxiliary Outstanding Citizen application, which can be obtained at the Corinth Library, the Alliance, or the Daily Corinthian. Supporting information for the candidate such as personal letters from friends, colleagues, or individuals the candidate has served are welcomed. Criteria used in the evaluation of the nominee are:

n Attainments in personal life

n Participation in church, civic, and other organizations

n Work with youth, underprivileged, and/or handicapped

n Contributions to the community

n Potential for continuing achievement

All nominations are confidential and are kept on file for three years. However, to reactivate a nomination, it should be updated yearly with current information mailed to Junior Auxiliary at the above address by July 15, 2021.

Past recipients of this award are: the late Mrs. W.W. King, the late Dr. R.B. Warriner, Sr., the late Mr. B.F. Worsham, Sr., the late Mr. Paul T. Jones, the late Mrs. Mae Weaver, the late J. Everett Meeks, the late Mrs. Roy Goforth, the late Mrs. Fayette Williams, the late Dr. Frank Davis, the late Mrs. Robert Anderson, the late Mrs. John P. Davis, Sr., the late Dr. R.B. Warriner, Jr., the late Mrs. Carl Norwood, Sr., the late Mrs. R.C. Liddon, the late Mr. Buddy Bain, the late Mrs. Leon Dutcher, the late Mr. Robert C. Liddon, the late Mr. Tommy Cooper, the late Mrs. Sara Hinton, the late Mr. John C. Stanley, III, the late Mrs. Robert W. Dalton, Mrs. H.L. Williams, Jr, the late Mr. Robert Anderson, the late Mrs. R.B. Warriner, Jr., the late Mr. Carl G. Howell, the late Mrs. Fred Rogers, the late Mr. Clifford Worsham, the late Mrs. Plummer Hussey, the late Mr. John D. Mercier, Sr., the late Mr. E.S. Bishop, Sr., Mrs. Nita Dees, Mrs. Herman Gray, the late Mr. Arthur Boren, Mr. David Palmer, the late Mrs. Mary Francis Stephens, Mr. H.L. Williams, Jr., the late Mrs. Marie Anderson, the late Mr. Herman Gray, the late Mr. James E. Price, Jr., the late Mr. Richard Milam, the late Mrs. Corinne Pierce, Mr. Terry Cartwright, Mr. Gary Caveness, Mr. Kenneth Williams, the late Mr. James Boyd, Ms. Betsy Whitehurst, the late Mrs. Richard Sharp, Mr. Tom Rogers, Dr. T.L. Sweat, Mr. Joe “Havis” Hurley, Mrs. Mary Dee Kemp, the late Mr. James “Sonny” Boatman, Mr. Jimmy Fisher, Dr. Lee Childress, Mrs. Wendell H. Trapp, Jr., Mr. Greg Cooley, Mr. Truman Stockdale, and Mr. Joe Vann.

The Junior Auxiliary has presented banners to past winners of the award for display on their homes showing the year they were the recipients. This will be done again this year as the 2021 Charity Ball approaches.

The Junior Auxiliary of Corinth is a service organization of local women. It is affiliated with the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries encompassing seven states with a membership of over 15,000. Funds contributed to the Junior Auxiliary of Corinth remain in the Corinth/Alcorn area to underwrite the various projects conducted by the local chapter. Emphasis is placed on children, and many benefit from the activities of this enthusiastic group of women. Some of the projects are school clothing and hygiene products (Casework and Care Closet for All), scholarships, providing clothing, blankets, diapers, and other needs for newborn babies (Baby Steps), working with the mentally and physically challenged through a summer camp (Camp Hollywood), hosting fun events and interacting with children at Pine Vale, providing internet safety and etiquette to children in the Alcorn County School District and Corinth School District (Manners Challenge), and Crown Club which is a project of the Junior Auxiliary of Corinth that creates service opportunities for high school girls. New projects this year include: Bloom Closet of Hope which is a closet specifically for foster families that include basic needs. Happy Birthday from JA is a fun new project that will provide local food pantries a birthday cake kit comprised of cake mix, frosting, candles, birthday banner and a birthday card from the Junior Auxiliary of Corinth. These kits will allow families to celebrate their children’s birthdays. Lastly, Prom Party is a project that will provide girls and boys from the local schools who would not typically attend prom with a dress and tux.

Local civic groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in the nomination of the individual to receive recognition as Outstanding Citizen of 2021 by submitting their nomination by Thursday, July 15, 2021.

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