IUKA – A 28-year-old Iuka man is in custody and facing charges of aggravated assault while his ex-girlfriend is recovering after a brutal stabbing.

Felix Gonzales Perez broke into his ex-girlfriend’s mother's home located on County Road 246 in Iuka early Sunday morning, according to the Tishomingo County Sheriff’s Office, who said they received a call of a possible stabbing.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, the suspect had already fled the scene, said officials.

The victim, Hanna Hudson of Iuka, was conscious and told the deputies her ex-boyfriend committed the violent act. She was later taken to the local hospital for medical treatment. However, deputies gathered several pieces of evidence from the crime scene.

Local authorities said Perez was arrested several hours later in the West Memphis, Ark., area in which he was detained by the West Memphis Police Department.

“He was running, but we still got him. It took a lot of good investigators along with different departments in different states, but at the end, we got him,” said Tishomingo County Sheriff John Dennis Daugherty.

According to the victim, everyone was asleep when Perez broke inside the residence.

“I just remember waking up screaming for my mom while I was being held down and stabbed. My five-month-old son, Andre, was laying in the bed right beside me just crying,” said Hanna Hudson, a 20-year-old college student at Northeast Mississippi Community College and 2018 graduate of Tishomingo County High School.

Hudson said once she began screaming, Perez put her into a chokehold while covering her mouth, then the two fell on the floor.

“I immediately began kicking with my legs and hitting him with my elbows. He then pinned me down," she said.

Authorities said Hudson suffered from several stab wounds to the torso and the head.

“I had seven stab wounds and some bruises on my face. He stabbed me on the right side of my head, along with three stabs on my shoulder and two large stab wounds on my neck. I’m surprised he didn’t hit a vein or an organ,” said the nursing major.

“I bit him as hard as I could. I fought back,” said Hudson, a single mother.

According to Hudson, the suspect kept his arm around her neck, slowly choking the life out of her.

“He kept pulling my neck tighter and tighter as if he was trying to break it. I could tell I was becoming weaker,” she said. “I thought 'is this the way I’m going to die? I’m not going to be able to kiss my son good bye,” said the victim. Perez finally let Hudson go and she got a really good look at him because there was a lamp on.

According to Hudson, Perez shoved her on the bed and began reaching for her baby.

“He kept asking for Andre and I began to push him and beg him to leave. He finally left and I watched him leave. I picked up my son and went to the window to make sure he had left. I turned on the big light and saw blood everywhere,” said Hudson. “My hair was drenched in blood and so was my shirt. My face had blood all over it as well. My son had blood on him from where he had rolled around crying on the bed.”

The student immediately went in the other room and got her mother, who notified authorities.

Hudson and Perez began dating in January of this year, but broke up two months ago.

“I just got tired of all the verbal and mental abuse. He kept begging me to come back, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I tried to remain friends with him because he loved my son and treated him like his own,” said the stabbing victim.

Hudson said she had never seen him behave like he did on Sunday.

“He was always kind, shy, sweet and would bring my mother and me flowers all the time. I don’t know what happened, but Saturday morning he began sending me rude texts and calling me derogatory names," said Hudson.

The young mother said she has a message for women and men who are in abusive relationships.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s physical, mental or a verbally abusive relationship, it's all the same. Do your best to get out of it, but do so safely. Once you’ve left, cut off all ties. Don’t be friends or anything. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” she said.

Hudson said she is just glad to be alive after the whole ordeal, but is still in total shock.

“I survived a horror movie. It just doesn’t seem real, but I’m glad to be here with my son,” she said.

According to the sheriff, Perez had been in jail before.

“It’s an awful situation, but I hope we can get him a lot of time cause he is now a violent offender. We also have a lot of evidence,” said Daugherty. “Most of all, I’m just glad the victim and her child survived and are safe.”

The sheriff said when a person deals with any abuse, they need to notify authorities so they will have a record of it.

“We hear and see this a lot. If we already have a record, then we have more to go on,” he said.

The sheriff also has a message for those who commit vicious crimes in his area.

“Just remember if you commit a crime in Tishomingo County, we will catch you and get justice for the victim. It doesn’t matter where you go we will find you,” he said.

According to authorities, the suspect is going to be transported back to Tishomingo County at a later date in which he will formally be charged. The investigation is still open and more charges may be pending.

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