Four incumbent Alcorn County supervisors clinched victories in Tuesday's general election, with one race swung by the absentee ballots.

Fifth District Supervisor Jimmy Tate Waldon, the board president, had a close one on his hands, finishing with 981 votes (42.4 percent), followed by Jackie Cooksey with 924 (40 percent) and Mark Coombs with 407 (17.6 percent).

In machine totals, Waldon trailed Cooksey by 84 votes, but he led by a huge margin in the absentee votes. Out of 256 absentees cast in the Fifth District, Waldon received 186 (72.7 percent), Cooksey received 45 and Coombs received 25.

The number of affidavit ballots cast in the Fifth District, 22, is not enough to affect the outcome. The affidavit ballots, except for those involving photo I.D., will be counted on Wednesday.

It's been a stressful election year for Waldon, who previously served on the county school board and advances to a fourth term.

"This has been a race I haven't really enjoyed ... It's been a hard one, I promise," he told the Daily Corinthian. "I had two great opponents and I'd like to thank them for running good, clean campaigns, and I want to thank my supporters, as well."

Waldon said he and his family watched the results come in Tuesday night on the projection screen set up on the Alcorn County Courthouse steps.

"This one wasn't the closest race I've been a part of," he said.

In the Fourth District, incumbent Steve Glidewell is headed to a second term after holding off three challengers, including former supervisor Gary Ross. Glidewell received 1,691 votes (73.6 percent); Ross, 345 (15 percent); Stan Johnson, 219 (9.5 percent); and Rodney Trantham, 36 (1.6 percent). "I appreciate the strong support from the voters of the Fourth District," said Glidewell. "I consider it a great honor to serve all citizens of Alcorn County and am excited to have the opportunity to continue building on the progress we've made."

First District Supervisor Lowell Hinton will serve a third term after defeating Jerry Miller by a vote of 1,447 (59.2 percent) to 993 (40.7 percent).

"I first ran for supervisor because I wanted to help this county grow so our children and grandchildren could live and work here and I've worked hard to make that happen," Hinton recently told the Daily Corinthian. "While I know there's always more work to do, I'm proud of the many accomplishments we've seen during the last eight years."

In the Second District, incumbent James Voyles easily won reelection to a second term by a vote of 1,862 (82.8 percent) to 382 (17 percent) for Ralph Coln.

Voyles recently told the Daily Corinthian his goals for a second term include paving 10 miles a year, supporting a capable work force for industry, keeping the district clear of litter and creating a positive environment for the county.

"We need folks to look at our county and feel good about it," he said. "I think good leaders make that happen."

Third District Supervisor Tim Mitchell was unopposed for reelection.

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