The month-long virtual Coke 10K has officially kicked off.

Many marathons and footraces held around the country so far this year – including the Boston Marathon – was forced to either cancel or go virtual due to the restrictions associated with COVID-19.

The original Corinth race date of May 2 was postponed until Race Director Mona Lisa Grady and Corinth Coke President Kenneth Williams could figure out a solution.

Now the week for the virtual run has arrived and Grady and the Coke 10K staff are excited to get things underway.

“We want to remind everyone that the open timing period for the 2020 Virtual Coke 10K will began Saturday and will end at 12 noon on Saturday, Oct. 3,” Grady said. “We are so excited that race week is finally here and that so many have registered for the race.”

This year marks the 39th anniversary of the iconic race.

“With this being race week there are definitely several things we need to remind everyone about,” Grady continued. “First, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to get a daily training plan and a little extra inspiration. There is also a new Coke 10K Runners Facebook group page for sharing photos and chatting with other registered runners.”

While online click on Digital Bib to download and print a runner’s virtual bib. Actual “real” bibs are included in the race packets.

Grady said that an mobile app “Racejoy” is also available. It will announce the mile split times for each runner as they walk or run as well as track and post finishing times automatically when a participant completes the 6.2 miles. Finishing times must be submitted during the 176 hours of open racing time. Upon doing so a medallion will be included in the race packet.

For runners who might have difficulties with “Racejoy” or happen to be in an area without sufficient cell phone service they can submit their results by uploading their GPS activity recorded while using third-party tracking tools such as Garmin, Strava or Apple Watch.

“If all else fails runners can go to our website and input their times on the results page. We also encourage those that are fortunate to live in the area of our beautiful course to feel free to complete their walk/run there,” said the race director. “We are not encouraging groups to gather at any specified dates or times but our course is on public streets ... so those who stay socially distanced should be safe to share the road. At no time will the course be closed to traffic so use extreme caution and run against the traffic. There will be two port-a-potties and hand-wash stations provided at the finish line and some awesome selfie opportunities.”

Grady had some additional good news concerning those who have not yet registered for this year’s Virtual Coke 10K.

“Our registration and timing companies now feel more confident about accepting new registrations at the same time finishing results are being submitted,” she said.

Registrations will be accepted through Friday, Oct. 2 at 11:59 p.m.

Area residents are strongly encouraged to keep an eye out for runners and be cautious in their vehicles. Residents who live along the Corinth 10K race route are encouraged to get outside and encourage runners as they pass.

For more information, visit

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