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Dr. Meredith Rhodes, Dr. Olivia Reader and Dr. Jennifer Garrett are joining in the revitalization of Shiloh Road with the recent opening of Garrett Eye Clinic’s new location.

Where some saw simply an old building, Dr. Jennifer Garrett, M.D. and Brett Garrett saw a vision for their future and the growth of the community.

The result is the new Garrett Eye Clinic on Shiloh Road which recently opened on the site of the former B&R Pharmacy.

“Everything just fell into place that needed to fall into place to know that God has opened the right doors for us to be able to move here,” said Dr. Garrett.

Brett Garrett, who serves as practice administrator handling the business side of the clinic while his wife focuses on caring for patients, was the first to see the potential in the location. A longtime retail developer, he said he understands the importance of the area to Corinth.

He described Shiloh Road as vital to the city’s continued growth, noting it’s the busiest two-lane road in Corinth and the third busiest street in the entire city. It’s also an area targeted as essential for future growth in the Envision 2040 long-term plan.

The location just made perfect sense for the clinic.

“You always want to be where the people are,” he said.

The design of the building, with classic white brick, black shutters and ornate metal lighting fixtures, is meant to evoke the spirit of the 1930s, 40s and 50s and bridge the gap stylistically between the Shiloh Road area and Corinth’s historic downtown.

Brett Garrett said they wanted the building to look and feel like it’s always been there, though below the surface it’s a very modern construction which was built with a focus on energy efficiency.

The decision to move from their previous location further west on Shiloh Road was born of a need for more space to care for their patients.

“We were always staying booked up. Here we’re able to take on new patients,” he said.

The practice has grown tremendously since Dr. Garrett, a Corinth native and Corinth High School graduate, returned home to begin her own practice after completing her education. A full-service eye care clinic offering general ophthalmology services such as routine eye exams, glasses and contact lenses and treatment of eye disorders and illnesses as well as laser LASIK surgery and other procedures on site, they’ve grown from Garrett as the only provider to a three-doctor practice with the addition through the years of optometrists Dr. Meredith Rhodes OD and Dr. Olivia K Reader OD.

“We just in the last several years have experienced a tremendous amount of growth,” said Dr. Garrett.

Technology has also improved and they’ve added a great deal of additional equipment to provide new services to patients.

She said the new building allows plenty of space for patients with a better flow through the building and more comfortable waiting and exam areas.

Brett Garrett said they feel blessed to be where they are and believes it’s his wife’s caring heart that is at the root of the success.

He explained an eye injury in eighth grade put her on the path to her career as a medical doctor focused on eye care and surgery. Through it she’s found a way to give back to the community she grew up in by caring for others.

“If you’re a good person and you care about people, you’ll be successful anywhere,” he said.

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Managing editor of the Daily Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, Brant Sappington has been a member of the Daily Corinthian family since 2001.

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