Without any changes to the property tax rate, the next county budget went quietly onto the books Monday morning.

In a special meeting, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on the proposed budget and tax levy for fiscal 2020-2021 with no citizens submitting comments in person or in writing. The total tax levy holds at 116.21 mills, with 63.45 for the county and 52.76 for the Alcorn School District.

Chancery Clerk Greg Younger said the goal was to generally keep things the same where possible.

“The county continues to be in good financial condition, and we are adding to the rainy day fund,” he said.

Some potentially large expenditures are looming for the coming fiscal year. The county is moving toward major roof work at the courthouse and also plans to deal with serious roof issues at the Alcorn County Justice Center.

General county millage of 31.12 is projected to generate revenue of $9,522,921. The remaining millage, allocated to things such as the park, solid waste, the VFDs, roads and bridges, Northeast Community College and The Alliance, brings the total revenue to $21,272,629.

In the final numbers adopted Monday, the reserve fund is projected to grow from $277,223 this budget year to $500,250 at the end of the coming budget year, which begins Oct. 1. The fund ended the prior fiscal year at $490,270 and decreased some this year in order to give a funding boost to the VFDs, which are making improvements to their services across the county.

Funding for departments and outside agencies includes:

Veterans Service Office – $113,566 (was $107,628 for FY 20)

Airport – $110,000 and $12,000 grant match

Health department – $137,090

Red Cross – $8,000 (was $6,000)

Animal shelter – $50,000

Spay and neuter program – $12,000 (was $10,000)

Alcorn County 4-H livestock – $6,000

Region IV Mental Health – $50,088

Department of Human Services – $87,425

Human Resource Agency – $155,000 (was $145,000)

Regional Rehabilitation Center – $2,000

Northeast Mississippi Community Services – $8,055

SAFE – $3,000

Northeast Regional Library – $170,000 (was $165,375)

Crossroads Arena – $50,000

Boys & Girls Club – $10,000

Jacinto Foundation – $25,000 (was $4,578 on a reimbursement basis and up to $20,000 for maintenance)

Soil Conservation – $52,200 (was $60,049)

Extension Service – $106,000

Planning & Development District – $20,000 (was $25,000)

Emergency management – $104,261 (was $80,000)

911 supplement – $341,430 (was $300,000)

Board of Supervisors – $425,000 (was $417,115)

Chancery clerk – $169,215 (was $155,865)

Circuit clerk – $166,000 (was $161,000)

Tax assessor – $110,000

Tax collector – $438,500

Buildings and grounds maintenance – $550,000 (was $400,000)

Chancery court – $139,000 (was $130,000)

Circuit court – $306,000

Justice court – $363,129 (was $350,000)

Elections – $210,000

Sheriff – $1,725,000 (was $1,690,115)

• Juvenile Detention Center – $422,103 (was $415,909)

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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