Lynn Haynie

Jessi Perriman, a former student of Lynn Haynie of Corinth, presents the honor to the retired educator.

For helping countless local art students find their muse, retired Corinth art teacher Lynn Haynie is the recipient of a special “thank you.”

The Tishomingo Art Council launched an Artist-Mentor of the Year Award for the tri-state region and chose her as the honoree. The award, planned to be given annually, carries with it a $1,000 prize for those who make a lasting mark by encouraging others through art education as a formal educator, private tutor or informal mentor.

The council said Haynie, who taught at Glendale, Alcorn Central and Corinth schools, stood out among many nominations.

“Lynn is one of my favorite people in all the world, and one I stand in awe of because of her many talents,” said former colleague Twila Bridges of Alcorn Central High School. “Teaching, guiding, and nurturing the creative spirit comes so naturally to her – she makes it all seem so easy.”

Haynie was always drawn to art “and was encouraged to do it,” she told the Daily Corinthian in 2016, “but never had it in school and didn’t think that I probably could major in it. But I took a workshop from Marty McLendon during my freshman and sophomore years at Northeast. He encouraged me.”

She changed her major to art and would go on to earn a degree in art at Ole Miss followed by certification in gifted and advanced placement instruction as she looked to get into the classroom.

“I wanted so badly to give children something that I never had and wished so much I had through school,” said Haynie.

She never tired of helping students develop an eye for art and discover their own creativity.

“There were students I had that didn’t think they could draw, and they had some really good experiences,” she said. “I think they were very encouraged by the fact that they could when they didn’t think so.”

A former colleague at Corinth High School, Kelly Glenn Treadway, described Haynie as “one of Corinth’s treasures.”

“Her smile and wit are infectious,” she said. “It’s always a pleasure to hear her perspective on art and life. Right before she retired, she and her art students painted a mural in the cafeteria at CHS that captures our journey we make as Corinth Warriors. What a gift she and her students have left for us all to enjoy.”

The mentor award will be open annually to nominees within a 100-mile radius of Tishomingo County.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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