Filming took place recently for “Hearing from Heroes” video series featuring local EMS technicians from Magnolia EMS. Each video includes candid discussions about how local frontline workers handled the COVID-19 pandemic and what some learned and took away.

The Commission on the Future of Alcorn County continues work on its latest project focused on the mental health and wellness of the community.

The first two short videos were launched recently and more information has been released about the upcoming free community-wide outdoor yoga class.

Part of the Alcorn County Cares series, the first video series is called “Hearing from Heroes” and it has been posted to Facebook and Instagram. The videos feature doctors and nurses from Magnolia Regional Health Center and EMS technicians from Magnolia EMS. Each video includes candid discussions about how local frontline workers handled COVID-19 and what some learned and took away from the pandemic.

Extended versions of the videos with full interviews are available for viewing on the commission’s YouTube channel.

Commission Executive Director Lane Williams Yoder said upcoming videos will include different segments of the community and feature how people dealt with the pandemic.

“While the first videos focus on healthcare professionals, subsequent videos will feature individuals from the faith community, local non-profits, small businesses, restaurants and others,” said Yoder.

To help citizens regather, reconnect and heal, the commission will host a free community-wide outdoor yoga class at the CARE Honor Garden on Monday, June 21.

The class will last one hour beginning at 5:30 p.m. and be conducted by Corinth native and trained yoga teacher Mike Morton.

Individuals wanting to participate are asked to register by sending an email to

Water will be provided and class attendees should wear comfortable clothes and bring a beach towel or yoga mat.

The video series and other activities are part of the commission’s year-long, multi-faceted mental health and wellness initiative to help citizens in Corinth and Alcorn County heal from the stress, loss and isolation brought on by the pandemic.

For more information, follow the commission on Facebook and Instagram @alcorncommission.

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if those involved in treating or assisting others who may have mental problems,perhaps they can try and get the Ms. policy changed in that anyone in need of intervention ,by going into the hosp. for evaluation on the 4th (???,used to be 5th )floor,that if there is no bed available,that person,who is ALREADY experiencing mental problems,gets taken in handcuffs to the Alcorn County JAIL,booked,printed,photographed,although NO crime has been committed,and PUT INTO SOLITARY CONFINEMENT UNTIL A BED BECOMES AVAILABLE.TRUE!!!....How in the world the powers that be think putting a disturbed person,who MAY have even been contemplating suicide,into JAIL for NO crime can help that person,has disturbing ideas on their own.To jail someone for NO crime other than being mentally unwell,is something from the dark ages.WAKE UP Ms......!!!!!!

If there is no bed available at hospital immediately,i suggest that person be placed into a private facility ,paid for by their ins. OR by the state ,until a bed at a mental treatment center becomes available,usually that's within 5 days.....

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