Almost 60 properties were before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen this week for cleanup matters as issues across the city are being addressed.

While East Corinth is the current focus, the board scheduled numerous public hearings for South Corinth properties, with more to come from that area. After that, West Corinth properties will be getting attention.

The area of focus in East Corinth is from Buchanan to Meeks Street and from Main to Sixth Street.

“We identified several properties that needed some attention, so we saw this as an opportunity to isolate some areas for maximum coverage,” said Code Enforcement Officer Kim Ratliff. “We’re going to stay with it until they are corrected. We want to get Corinth cleaned up.”

Issues include junk cars, overgrown lots and some declining houses that are candidates for demolition.

The board noted numerous rental properties are making the list.

“A lot of times when people move out of them, they’ll leave their junk in the yards,” said Ratliff.

Property owners receive a letter from the city and have an opportunity to take action before it reaches the adjudication stage.

Two properties that were on the list to be scheduled for a hearing were excluded because they are owned by the state, and the city learned that a Mississippi-owned property cannot be adjudicated. Those locations are 1511 Allen Street and 1303 Ross Street.

Board members expressed frustration that the state is not maintaining the properties.

Among the 19 properties that were up for a hearing on Tuesday, the board voted to adjudicate those at 1605 Third Street, 1405 Third Street and 1506 Meeks Street, meaning the city can take action as it sees fit.

About a dozen others got continuances.

The board set new public hearings for more than 30 others, mostly in the South Corinth area, to be held during the regular Aug. 3 meeting of the board: 1518 Tate Street, 114 Cemetery Street, 1402 Tate Street, 1410 Tate Street, 1011 Tate Street, 103 Penn Street, 1108 Ross Street, 1215 Ross Street, 1301 Ross Street, 1304 Tate Street, 1219 Wick Street, 1213 Wick Street, 1223 Wick Street, 1323 Wick Street, 1322 Wick Street, 1103 Wick Street, 1105 Wick Street, 1615 Horton Street, 1617 Horton Street, 1609 Lyon Street, 1125 Johns Street, 1702 Frazier Drive, 907 Crater Street, 1933 North Parkway, 1501 Bunch Street, 1619 Bunch Street and several others not identified by street addresses.

A hearing was set for the next meeting on June 20 for 103 East Melody Lane.

The board heard from a resident, Donald Joseph Piner, on an ongoing situation at 3852 Proper Street, where he is building a house. Piner said he plans to occupy it by Christmas, and the board gave a 60-day continuance.

In other business, the board approved establishing a two-way stop in West Corinth at the intersection of Fifth Street and Lassiter Street, with stop signs going on Lassiter, at the request of Alderman Michael McFall.

The board also had some discussion of moving to the 2018 International Building Code and requested more information on what will be changing. Building Inspector Greg Tyson said the change will not be as big as the previous transition from the Southern to the International code.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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