No requirements, no pressure, no criteria – just a taste of the Lord’s goodness and a blessing in troubled times.

Gospel Tabernacle Pastor Josh Hodum said that’s the intention behind the church’s ongoing dairy products giveaways which will continue through at least the first week of August.

“There’s such a great number of people in need and people who are hurting right now,” said Hodum.

Each Thursday starting at 10 a.m. the church at 1624 Glover Drive is offering boxes of dairy products with no cost and no obligation through a drive up giveaway. The effort is partnership between the church, Prairie Farms dairy and the Salvation Army who reached out to the church to find a location to conduct the program. Each family receives “Farmers to Families Food Box” containing two gallons of 2 percent milk, two bottles of strawberry milk, two bottles of chocolate milk, 1 pound of French onion dip, 24 ounces of cottage cheese, 1 pound of sour cream and 8 ounces of cream cheese.

Hodum said it’s an outreach meant to make things a bit easier for those struggling through these difficult times. They want it to be a low pressure situation, so there are no forms to fill out and no criteria to receive the boxes.

The church has added to the help by using funds collected last fall through its annual Thanksliving offering program to purchase $100 grocery gift cards. One card is given away each week to a name drawn from those who put their names in a box during the giveway.

Hodum explained the Thanksliving program is a tradition at the church in which members give a separate donation November through December outside of their regular offering. The money is then used as a gift directly to special people in the community. In the past they’ve honored firefighters, Living Free Ministries and others with the gift. This year, they decided to put the money toward the gift cards.

Check Gospel Tabernacle’s Facebook page for the latest updates on the dairy giveaway each week.

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