The Crossroads area woke up to a winter storm watch Friday morning as forecasters predict a big storm hitting the South and East this weekend.

While it’s looking like the heavier snowfall will track north of the state line, preparations are afoot to keep the streets passable.

“We’ve got our crews ready,” said Corinth Public Works Director Clayton Mills. “We’ve got our brine made up and got plenty of salt. Hopefully, it’ll miss us. If not, we’re prepared for whatever it takes to keep things going.”

MDOT said crews have prepared equipment by installing salt spreaders on trucks and making sure all response vehicles are fueled and running properly. Crews have stockpiled salt, sand and asphalt slag piles.

In the Corinth area, which was on the southern edge of the watch, a Saturday rain is expected to transition to snowfall in the a.m. hours on Sunday, with accumulations of 1 to 2 inches predicted by the National Weather Service Memphis Forecast Office, with a high around 34 on Sunday.

“There is still some pretty good uncertainty remaining of where the highest amounts of snowfall will occur, but most of our data is pointing to snowfall accumulating north of the Tennessee-Mississippi state line,” said Meteorologist Kaitlyn Dierks.

Some heavier snow bands are expected, likely over West Tennessee, including the Jackson area, where 5-plus inches may accumulate.

Anyone heading outdoors will want to bundle up.

“As the snowfall starts,” said Dierks, “we will have winds pick up from the north, so the combination of the pretty gusty north winds upwards of 20 mph on top of the subfreezing temperatures, in the 20s, even, is a pretty dangerous combination for wind chills.”

For anyone who must drive in the snowy conditions, MDOT advises motorists to remember that ice will form on bridges and overpasses first. Brake early and gently to avoid skidding, MDOT advises, and allow more space between other vehicles.

Staff Writer

Jebb Johnston is a 1991 Alcorn Central High School graduate and a 1995 Ole Miss journalism graduate. His primary beats are city and county government.

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