GUYS, Tenn. — The McNairy County Sheriff’s Department, along with Redemption Road Rescue and Animal Rescue Corps responded to an extensive case of animal cruelty in Guys on December 7, resulting in the arrest of Cherry Patrick, 62, of Guys, on five charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

In total, over twenty animals were rescued from the New Hope Road property.

Officers were first made aware of the situation after Deputy Tommy Howell noticed three horses that “appeared to be very skinny” at a residence.

Howell received no response when he knocked on the door. After getting closer to the horses, Howell noted that two of the three horses were incredibly skinny, and the third horse was “afraid to come anywhere near (him).”

According to the report, the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department has been called to the property numerous times regarding the same horses, and the owner has been given several warnings in the past.

Based on this prior experience with the property, Howell walked to check on the other two horses he knew were there.

Howell reported a “strong smell like something had died” before he spotted two horses, both on the ground. The first, a brown horse, was “laying on the ground struggling” and had dug a small circle around itself trying to get up.

The second horse was already dead, lying in a “pile of feces” and had also “dug a circle around itself attempting to get up.”

Howell noted that the horses had insufficient food of any kind, and the little water available was “dirty and very low,” and appeared to have mold in it.

Redemption Road Rescue, a horse rescue, was then called to the scene, along with a vet.

The vet attempted to treat the brown horse that was lying on the ground, but based on the animal’s many injuries, made the humane decision to euthanize the horse.

The vet also advised that a lack of food and water was the apparent cause of death for the horses, and the other three horses on the property would also die if not properly cared for.

Also found on the property were approximately 20 dogs in kennels throughout the property, as well as a dog kept inside a trailer “with only a bucket of nasty dirty water.”

The dog was “kept inside due to a strap,” and the floor was “wet and dirty with feces all over it.”

Howell noted that the dog’s ribs were all visibly protruding, and there was nothing warm for dog to take shelter in.

Another dead dog was found in a kennel inside the house, and a cat was found trapped in a crate of feces.

All of the dogs on the property appeared underfed.

On December 12, Animal Rescue Corps came to the property to collect the remaining animals.

Animal Rescue Corps removed the 19 dogs and one cat from “feces-filled enclosures, crates, a horse trailer, and ramshackle pens made from wooden pallets and chain link fencing,” according to their statement on the matter. Also according to their statement, veterinarians examining the animals on the property said many “were suffering from dehydration, emaciation, dental disease, heart-worm disease, internal and external parasites, and eye and ear infections.”

Redemption Road Rescue took over the care of the three surviving horses.

Angele Latham is editor of the Independent-Appeal newspaper in Selmer, Tenn. This story is republished with permission.

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