1) When you shop local, you become an economic developer and investor in your own community.

You are investing in the local businesses, their owners, and their employees and helping the business to succeed and grown thus helping to create positive economic growth for the community. When you shop local, you put your money where your home is.

2) When you shop local, you help the environment.

If you live in Alcorn County and shop in Alcorn County, you are travelling less, creating less pollution emissions, having less impact on the environment and spending less money on buying gas.

3) When you shop local, more of your money stays local – money that supports many of the vital services available to our community such as schools, fire and police.

Studies show that between $68 and $73 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the community and continues to circulate through the local economy.

4) When you shop local, you find unique and interesting items, some of which are locally or regionally crafted and manufactured. Be sure to check back next week to see some of the unique items you can find by shopping in Corinth and Alcorn County.

5) When you shop local, you get your better service because the local business owner is personally invested in you as a customer and in ensuring you leave satisfied. The success of their business and their continued livelihood depends upon you being both a satisfied and a return customer.

6) When you shop local, you are helping local non-profits.

Multiple studies have shown that small businesses support local non-profits between 250 percent and 350 percent more than non-locally owned businesses.

7) When you shop local, you help create more jobs.

Small businesses are the largest employer nationwide and small businesses employ local people. And, small businesses support other local small businesses by purchasing supplies or by getting financing, for example, which keeps the money moving throughout the community.

8) When you shop local, you help keep local stores in business.

You help ensure that the community maintains its uniqueness and its appeal to both residents and visitors. In other words, buy local or it’s bye, local.

9) When you shop local, you get personalized service.

Local business owners get to know their customers and can cater to their shopping and dining wishes in terms of the items and dishes they provide. Additionally, local businesses often feature items from local artists and local farmers.

10) When you shop local this holiday season, it pays!

From now through Dec. 21, The Alliance is running a “Show Local Some Love” campaign to encourage everyone to think local first when shopping and dining this holiday season.

Spend $20 or more at an Alliance member restaurant or retail location, email your receipt along with your name and phone number to info@corinthalliance.com and be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card to any Alliance member business of your choosing. The gift cards are generously sponsored by Commerce Bank. The places you spend, the more chances have you to win. To see a list of Alliance member businesses, please visit members.corinthalliance.com/list.

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