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Ham Radio Field Day

Photo courtesy of Alcorn County ARES

GOTA station chief John Rose and "network guru" Danny Chittom take prt in a previous Field Day event at the Alcorn County Welcome Center in Corinth.

by l.a. story lastory@dailycorinthian.com
How would emergency personnel communicate if all landline and cell phones went down?
A public demonstration Saturday will answer that question -- ham radio.
There will be an American . . .

Boys 9/10 action continues at CRP

Photo by Joel Counce

Taquarius Patterson of Wilbanks Electric slides into third against Little Deuces third baseman Ryder Warhurst during Thursday night league action in the boys 9/10 age group. Patterson was safe on the play. Check the local schedule daily for a complete listing of game times, opponents and field location. The summer league schedule has already concluded for several leagues, including girls softball.

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