Marea Wilson’s Wilco Real Estate Boutique specializes in community and client needs.

For Marea Wilson, it’s all about serving the community.

She does that from the broker seat of her one-year-old Wilco Real Estate Boutique, a small downtown Corinth agency specializing in client needs.

At 49, Wilson began her real estate journey later in life.

Married to Tommy for 25 years, Wilson worked part-time jobs while her children were small.

Then about six years ago, she began studying the ins-and-outs of the real estate business. She went to work for Jumper Realty and her knowledge grew. Several state level leadership conferences later, new possibilities to open her own office were born.

“When I first started all this, I never thought I wanted to be a broker. But Tommy always said one day I should open my own place,” Wilson told the Daily Corinthian. “I just wasn’t sure I wanted the added responsibility, but after getting accepted for the Mississippi Association of Realtors leadership program, it soon just felt like it was time.”

Wilson left Jumper in November 2019 and opened Wilco in January 2020. In February, she hired her first agent, John Caldwell.

“It was really scary when I first opened, but things got busy real quick ... then the pandemic hit,” she said.

So much about the business she had learned changed overnight.

Face masks, gloves, shoe covers and an endless supply of antibacterial wipes were used when showing homes and visiting with clients.

“We learned to always be as safe as possible,” said the broker. “Even if the clients are laid back a little more, I still try to be safe for us and them.”

A lot more meetings happened via phone, text or email. Everything changed.

“Even for us with all the craziness of the pandemic and everything political going on, 2020 was my personal best year selling real estate. John also had a great year and it was a pleasantly surprising first year for Wilco,” she added.

The coming year has a bright future, admitted Wilson.

She’s hired a new agent, Susan Frye, and Wilco will soon move into a new building on Waldron Street.

Wilson also hopes to expand on community giving through a program she calls Wilco Cares.

“During 2020 after the pandemic hit we setup Wilco Cares to give back,” she said.

Wilson and her team donated gift cards to the security staff at Magnolia Regional Health Center, cupcakes were delivered to Dogwood Plantation and donations were made to the Lighthouse Foundation and Living Free Ministries.

Along with her husband, Wilson is the founder behind Living Free’s Crossroads Christmas that has successfully taken place on Christmas Day for the past nine years.

“Crossroads Christmas has my heart ...” said Wilson.

The event is huge with dozens of volunteers who serve up close to 1,000 free, traditional holiday meals.

It’s one of many ways for Wilson to give back to the community she loves to serve.

Wilco Real Estate Boutique is located at 508 Jackson Street. The office number is 662-594-8475.

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Zack Steen was first hired in 1999 as a junior in high school to work in the Daily Corinthian design department. After several years away, he returned in 2014 as staff writer. He's married to the love of his life Brandy and they have 5 wonderful fur-kids.

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