A local roofer is giving back to the community as he continues to grow his business.

Universal Apex Roofing owner Keith Haynes said helping others is part of his commitment to Christian values.

“Being a Christian, I believe God blesses us with talents and that’s how we use them to further his kingdom,” he said.

Their most recent project is the roof on Memorial Funeral Home where Haynes said they are supplying the labor at a reduced cost. He's also providing a continued commitment to help Memorial absorb the high cost of upkeep on their flat roof project where wind from last year’s storm did a lot of damage to the vinyl and roof. Haynes said he's doing it as a thank-you for the funeral home’s support of the community and families through the COVID crisis.

Memorial Funeral Home’s Jay Jones said it’s been a challenging year for the funeral industry and while they can’t always give services for free they do their best to care for families, work with them and try to meet their needs in ways that work under the varying restrictions and concerns brought on by the pandemic.

The Memorial Funeral Home building was originally built as a Kroger in the early 1960s and after serving as a store building under other names was transformed into the funeral home in 1989.

Haynes began his career as a banker working in mortgage lending and later insurance. In 2008, as the mortgage loan crisis began putting a pinch on lending, he saw an opportunity to focus more on insurance and then found a niche in roofing working on insurance claims.

His company has continued to grow. They underwent a rebranding effort last year to the Universal Apex Roofing name under the guidance of his new wife, Rina Altez Haynes, whose family had a long history in the roofing and construction business in her home country of the Philippines.

Today the company has four crews doing residential and commercial roofing throughout Northeast Mississippi and Southwest Tennessee and is a storm insurance claims specialist.

Haynes said they try to pay their success forward where they can by helping elderly people and others who can’t afford roofing work fix damage or problems whenever possible.

Haynes said he believes in caring for people the way they want to be treated, honoring commitments and giving back whenever possible from all that he’s been blessed with.

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Managing editor of the Daily Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, Brant Sappington has been a member of the Daily Corinthian family since 2001.

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