Rita Corder is excited about helping people achieve their dreams of lasting weight loss.

Corder, a personal coach and local representative for ‘Ideal Protein’ has a passion for helping people make it to their goals.

“I love seeing the way people feel about themselves and all their accomplishments because of this program,” said Corder. “I’ve been in the same shoes before. I’ve tried various diets such as Jenny Craig and others but this system is by far the best and most effective weight loss and maintenance program available today.”

Corder, the wife of Dr. Fred Corder, added that area doctors like Dr. Kerry Morgan refer many of their patients to her because they know that the Ideal Protein system really works and that is affordable.

The program includes an app for phones, tablets and computers, which Corder said is a valuable tool in helping clients keep a keen eye on their progress in a plethora of areas such as lean muscle mass, glucose levels, and fat burning and not simply how many pounds have disappeared since last check.

“It’s all about Ketosis and what we put into our bodies,” Corder emphasized. “Our bodies are just like motors on a car. Whatever we eat or drink is stored somewhere within our bodies. So in order to assure that we maintain a healthy body it’s imperative we know what is in the foods we consume and how best to make that food work in our favor.”

Referred to as ‘Coach Rita’ by some of her clients, Corder does weekly and monthly check-ins while consulting new and current clients on what they’re doing correctly along with reasons why they might have gained a couple of pounds the past week.

“Each person is different, whether it be the foods they eat, their general lifestyle, stress levels … life affects each of us in a different manner,” Corder explained, “but with the Ideal Protein program it doesn’t matter. She said the program is all about commitment and maintenance. Once people begin this program the first week is all about absorbing a lot of information and setting themselves up for the next steps.”

Ketosis is “a natural metabolic state in which the body’s primary fuel source is coming from ketone bodies – energy molecules produced from burning fat. The ideal protein protocol safety guides individuals into this natural metabolic state through which they can achieve safe, effective and sustainable weight loss”, states information in the introductory pamphlet.

“The foods we eat should be our friend and not our enemy,” Corder said.

She started the local Ideal Protein branch three years ago and lost weight herself and still maintains that to this day. She said the system is medically proven to work but is not available online or in stores and neither are the foods.

“If someone is really serious about losing weight, maintaining that weight and committed to it this is the best system for them,” said Corder.

“The first phase, from the moment someone walks through that door and says ‘I wanna sign up’ is weight loss,” she explained. “Decide on that ideal weight and get started. I have a chart that I show them that is broken down to height and weight, regardless if the person is male or female. The second phase is stabilization, which generally is a period of two to six weeks. The third and final phase is maintenance, which generally takes around eight months to a year but can fluctuate one way or the other.”

“But the real key is continued maintenance,” she said, “ and that’s where most clients really get it. They want to keep that weight off and now they have found a system that provides foods and vitamins they can really enjoy and appreciate.”

Current client Brian Dickey of Selmer has been in the Ideal Protein system for several months now and says, for him, it’s all about support and commitment to doing the right thing for your body.

“I plan ahead because I know there are going to be events such as what we just experienced with Thanksgiving and Christmas where we tend to stray off the program and cheat a little,” he said. “ But with this system being medically-based I know it won’t take as long to get back on track and ketosis begins to reset.”

Dickey said the next major events he’s planning for is his daughters graduation in 13 weeks.

“I know that’s coming and I’ve already planned for that. It doesn’t mean I’m falling off the wagon but it does mean that if I eat a few things that I normally wouldn’t eat in the Ideal Protein system it won’t be a problem to get back on track.”

One of the first things a new client will find out after enrolling in the Ideal Protein system is that vegetables and salads are a vital part of the daily plan along with numerous Ideal Protein supplemental food and drink products such as cappuccino’s, pancakes, omelettes and even chips. The list also includes jello’s, health bars, soups … even smoothies.

“Many clients are surprised by just how much they enjoy the Ideal Protein foods and drinks,” said Corder. “And there are so many things to choose from. Many times people buy a supply of food they think will do them for a week and end up with some left over because they were still full from what they had.”

“The thing about other weight loss programs is people are usually not accountable to anyone but themselves,” she added. “But in the Ideal Protein system they have not only me but many have their families and friends for support and that makes a huge difference, In fact, I started cooking and eating the foods within the system and my husband began to eat what I cooked and loved it and the weight began to fall off for him as well.”

Those interested in finding out more, including start-up and weekly fees, can Corder at 662-415-5606.

“Once a person begins to lose noticeableleftovern the first three to four months they begin to think more about maintenance and not about quitting,” Corder.

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