There are difficult decisions being made in our community every day.

It’s become a bit of a cliche to say we’re living in unprecedented times, but it’s accurate nonetheless. None of us have ever been through a situation quite like the one we find ourselves in today and we’re all having to adapt and figure out how to make things work in a time when many of the old rules seem to be going out the window.

Perhaps no one has felt that more than the administrators, teachers and staff members of our local school districts. Since the end of spring break when the arrival of the coronavirus forced the unexpected closure of schools and an unplanned shift to online learning, they’ve been scrambling to make sure our children are educated.

This new school year is bring tough choices for educators and for parents. Plans are changing every day as district leaders get new information and insight and work to determine the best path forward.

It’s a guarantee that no one is going to agree with every decision they make. They know no matter what they decide to do it will be met with criticism from one side or another.

There’s something else, however, that is equally certain. They’re doing everything they do from a place of love and concern for our kids.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know many of the educational leaders in our county. I haven’t met one yet without a true heart for the students they serve and deep love for their community. They all understand the huge responsibility they shoulder as we parents entrust them with our children.

I’ve heard them talk of long days and sleepless nights as they’ve worked to develop a plan for this new school year and I know they take very seriously the life-changing consequences the wrong decisions could have.

Very little seems to be certain in our world these days. Everything is up in the air and what seems clear today will likely be anything but by tomorrow. We’re living in difficult and changing times.

Our school leaders, teachers and everyone involved need our support and our prayers more than ever. We may not always agree, but we can know they’re doing their best to figure out the path forward and they truly need love, support and prayers to make the decisions they’re tasked with every day.

Banner Independent Editor

Managing editor of the Daily Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, Brant Sappington has been a member of the Daily Corinthian family since 2001.

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