March is a good time to plant potatoes. I usually plant ours in mid-February, but the weather delayed that. Just a short row planted through your garden will produce fresh potatoes and some to store for later use.

Potatoes do best in well draining soils. Organic or some sand loam soils work best. Open a furrow and a good amount of fertilizer. Most places sell 13-13-13 fertilizer.

I don’t recommend blended fertilizer, as they are slow in dissolving.

Cut your potatoes into large chunks with one or two eyes, cover them well and within about 2-3 weeks you should see them coming up.

English peas go well with Irish potatoes. You can plant them in March and have a good crop. There are so many varieties of English peas. I have to plant the variety called Green-Arrow. They make double pods and are very sweet. When planting use a good fertilizer and plant double rows, side-by-side, about six inches apart.

When your plants grow to around three inches tall add some ammonia-nitrate. Push a very small cane pole down in between the peas to keep them growing up. They will grow up to 18-24 inches high.

When your peas are ready to eat add a few small potatoes. Boy, are they good!

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