Age, distance or race is not found where friendship is. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like or how far away they may be, a friend is a friend.

I find myself feeling so blessed to say that I have friends all over the world. Friends that I talk to daily and friends I talk to occasionally, but none-the-less, they are still my friends and I love them dearly.

This week I lost one of those precious friends. Ms. Kathleen Tucker was a dear friend. Even though she was a friend of my parents all the way through their school career and adulthood, she quickly became my friend. She would call or come by the office just to catch up.

Even when the diagnosis of cancer was thrown her way she still maintained a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

She always had a kind word and spent her time encouraging others. She never failed to say, “I liked you column”, and she always asked how my family was doing.

People like Kat don’t come along very often. My memories with her will always be close to my heart. Even when she didn’t know it, I was learning some things in life should never be taken for granted.

Kat wore very thick glasses her entire life. She was not one to complain. Even though that was something that some of us don’t struggle with, she always said at least I can wear glasses. When she was finally able to have cataract surgery she and I spent time picking whatever glasses she wanted, because we didn’t have to pick thick plastic ones anymore. Her humility and kindness amazed me!!!!!!

She was never one to seek attention. She never wanted anyone to make a fuss over her. She was the one making a fuss over you.

I will miss her phone calls and her visits and those precious hugs, and those wonderful words of encouragement.

My world is a little bleaker right now, but I know that Heaven is sweeter.

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