Independence Day will be celebrated a day early in the City of Hospitality this year as the annual Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade rolls out on Saturday, July 3.

The long-running celebration will begin with lineup starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 3 on Seventh Street and then turning on to Eighth Street once Seventh Street fills up, said organizer Jim Lamb.

This year’s parade grand marshal honor will recognize all medical workers including all hospital, nursing home and other medical staff and emergency medical responders.

The organizer said, “I thought there was nobody better than the medical professionals, doctors, nurses, housekeeping, cafeteria workers, all of them have really been through it.”

Lamb said after the challenges of the past year they feel it’s especially appropriate to honor these individuals for their service to the community.

The parade will take its traditional route through the neighborhood, ending at Foster Park where the Booneville Pilot Club will be serving lemonade.

Lamb said they encourage everyone to come out and join in celebrating America’s freedoms. All individuals, families, civic groups, church groups, and anyone else is welcome to participate in the parade. “We strongly encourage anybody that can to fix a pick-up truck or trailer, whatever they can.”

The parade organizer also wanted to acknowledge others who make the parade possible each year.

“Keith Shackelford and Gordon Derrick are another who help kick the parade off. They will be there assisting and doing their part. It takes a lot of people. It’s not just me,” he said.

He said they do ask everyone to be safety conscious, especially young children who may be riding bikes, scooters or other toys and observe all safety rules so everyone can enjoy a safe and fun celebration.

“I’d like to caution all parents to watch all kids on motorized vehicles, wear their helmets, and parents go with them,” said Lamb.

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