Whoville in Booneville has come to life through the artistic renderings of Kara Courtney.

This year’s theme for the annual Christmas parade takes on new meaning when the story is brought to life because the business owners of the city wanted to have their windows decorated.

She began painting windows when Booneville Cleaners asked her to paint a winter scene on their window.

“They asked me if I had ever painted windows, and I said well I think I can. I could and I did. Then a couple more businesses asked me to paint their windows,” she said.

This year, Booneville’s Main Street Association Executive Director, Lori Tucker asked Courtney to paint a “Whoville” scene for her window at the Main Street Office. After it went up she began getting requests from business owners to paint their windows as well.

The window painter said, “It’s a cool theme and it’s easy and the parade is that way.”

Each window is unique as the artist chooses a scene from the movie and some other things that she likes from the Grinch.

“It’s the Grinch, you can just go through the whole movie, and find some cute scenes. I’ve enjoyed this one and it was fun and not hard to come up with stuff,” she said.

Courtney said, “I just think it’s cool how all the businesses came together with this theme, and that’s what’s neat. You can go around Booneville and see how they’ve all worked together.”

The response to her artwork has been positive, the art teacher said, “I’ve gotten so many phone calls and messages, and everybody loves it and the businesses say that people love it. I’m excited!”

Kara Courtney is a high school art teacher with the Baldwyn school district and teaches art to seventh through 12th grade.

Courtney is not a native of Booneville, but because of the hard work and efforts painting windows for business owners, people are reaching out to her she is becoming well known in the community.

“Booneville-ians are now making the connection who I am,” she said.

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