Building the Cross of Prentiss County has “crossed” its fundraising finish line, raising $240,000 to begin construction of the cross.

Construction of the cross is set to begin in June. Building the Cross Founder, Deryl Saylors said, “I want to remind you all that we will have bills to pay once we erect our Cross in June. Any donations made from now on are just as important as any made earlier. You can still do memorials and an acknowledgment card will still be sent just as it has been.” The structure will be lit, and will have a small park that will require maintenance, donations will still be needed to pay expenses.

The original goal of $200,000 was extended to $240,000 due to the recent, rising cost of building materials. In 2020 when the original budget was set building materials were not as high, but due to shortages and rising material cost the budget had to be raised. The goal was met in six months and thirteen days. The founder shared on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, “What can I say? Thank you almighty God, thank you Jesus.

“Thank you for touching the hearts and mind of so many people, young and old, rich and poor, black and white and brown, people who are not ashamed to proclaim Jesus as their savior and you God, the Almighty.

“Today I am happy, thankful and very pleased to announce that we (all of us) have met our fundraising goal of $240,000 to Building the Cross in Prentiss County.

I thank the board for all they’ve done, I thank all the other people behind the scenes that have done everything that was asked of them. I thank all the many contributors that believed in what we were trying to do but folks, most of all I thank God who has been involved in this project since day one and before.”

Donations have been made by churches, businesses, individuals who would like to remain anonymous, and even children. Children who live in the Ridgemont Subdivision wanted to raise funds to make a donation in memory of Jackie Green who passed away in January of this year, the team consisted of Lottie Gardner, Claire Gardner, Jackson Taylor, and Julianne Taylor these children decided, on their own, they would make the money for their contribution by setting up a lemonade and snack stand in the neighborhood. The group was able to make $1,000 in one morning, and donated all proceeds in memory of Jackie Green.

The founder said, “I believe the Lord will use this cross and I believe souls will be saved.”

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