ACT scores are on the rise in the Booneville School District.

Superintendent Dr. Todd English recently updated the district’s board on ACT data for the district. He said the district’s average score of 19.2 puts it at the top among districts in the region. English said the regional average score was 17.7.

The superintendent said he’s especially proud of the achievement given the pandemic-related challenges faced by the junior class whose scores are represented in the most recent data. He said improving scores on the test is a key focus for the district because it directly translates into college and scholarship opportunities for students.

The district is in the process of renewing its District of Innovation status with the state department of education. English said they plan to continue their program offering online courses to other districts across the state and are looking into expanding that program further in the future.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that a student’s educational opportunity doesn’t depend on their zip code,” he said.

The district is continuing to finalize plans for a multipurpose stadium to be funded through a bond issue with a referendum on the issue expected in the spring. English said details and final drawings of the final plan are expected to be complete by the end of the month.

The facility would provide a field for soccer and junior high football, a track for track and field events, and at least four tennis courts along with a field house, locker room, and weight room. The move would also free up space to add additional classrooms in other locations.

English emphasized the project will not cost taxpayers any additional money since the current district tax rate already includes millage for a previous bond issue which will be paid for next year and the new bond issue would simply take the place of the paid-off bonds without changing the tax rate.

The superintendent also told the board about a pair of recent online rating achievements by the district. The district was ranked in the top 10 percent of districts in recent rankings and received the gold award for college success from English said both of these recognitions show the district is being successful in preparing students for the future.

Also at the most recent board meeting, the board approved hiring Rosendo Rosas as assistant maintenance director and approved Frances Gillard as a substitute teacher.

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Managing editor of the Daily Corinthian’s sister newspaper, Booneville’s Banner-Independent, Brant Sappington has been a member of the Daily Corinthian family since 2001.

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