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Thinking about Las Vegas
by Lora Ann Huff
Oct 05, 2017 | 613 views | 0 0 comments | 14 14 recommendations | email to a friend | print
With all the sorrow in our world and all the constant unrest among groups of people, it’s quite easy to become discouraged. The news is filled with reports of harsh actions and ugly comparisons – we find peace by turning it off.

But silencing the TV or radio does not bring answers to the problems. I’m just wondering what it will take for the people in our country to settle down and live peacefully together again.

Every time someone dies from a gunshot wound, the first words we hear are something like “guns don’t kill, it’s the people with hate in their hearts and minds that kill.”

That’s true but the guns are what give them the ability to carry out their dreadful plans with massive numbers of casualties.

No part of me thinks we should take guns away from regular citizens. Any mentally stable individual should have the right to have guns for home protection and for hunting or collecting.

I do strongly believe, however, that guns should not be in the hands of mentally disturbed people. I also believe there is no reason on God’s green earth for a regular citizen to own a gun that will shoot 50 rounds or more at a time. Kits that can change a normal gun over to such capability should not be sold publicly – only the military and law enforcement should have access to such guns.

…So as I ponder the situation our country is in, I’m wondering what it will take for people to think sensibly and begin the process of, at least, trying to slow down the transfer of automatic weapons to people on the street. A regular gun might kill five or six people but the ones used in Las Vegas killed dozens and dozens and wounded hundreds in just a few minutes.

That shouldn’t happen in America.

I saw one ad that said a gun is just a tool like an ax or a hammer. I’m sorry but the man in Vegas could not have killed 59 people with such “tools.” He certainly did it with high-powered guns, though, and in short order!

I realize half of America does not agree with me – and half of my friends probably don’t - but that does not change my opinion. It’s an absolute fact that to kill a deer or any other wildlife, you don’t need a gun that shoots 50 bullets.

…So I have to wonder which important political family or wealthy household must be affected before Congress wakes up? Whose life is important enough to make the difference? I just wonder…

Lora Ann Huff is a Wenasoga resident and special columnist for the Daily Corinthian. Her column appears Friday. She may be reached at 1774 CR 700, Corinth, MS 38834.
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