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Perfect World Turns Out Not so Perfect
by Terry Burns
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The Giver, PG-13, ***, Brenton Thwaiting, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Strep. Walden Media. Director Phillip Noyce. Length 94 minutes.

“The Giver” film is based on a book by Lois Lowry. The premise revolves around a perfect world. Everyone’s memory has been wiped out of past history. Only one person has the ability to share the past. He is “The Giver” played by Jeff Bridges. His character is known simply as “The Giver.”

This society of all the individuals does not have any recognition of the past. Everyone in the society lives what seems to be a perfect existence. With no conflict, pain, war, or hatred the society basically has a very dull life.

The story supplies enough thought to allow the “grey matter” to have a thoughtful workout. Jeff Bridges, and Meryl Strep deliver some excellent acting abilities along with Jonas (Brenton Thwaites.)

“The Giver” allows one person every so often take a look at the life man once lived. Jonas is selected for the journey. At first Jonas experiences the fun part of the past. The beauty of nature, snow sledding, and the wonders of a joyful life that is exciting and fun.

As he goes deeper into the world of the past, he faces the heartache and pain people face in a real world. Of course, it is not the perfect arena he lives in now.

The sunsets, salty oceans, and stunning country give Jonas a happy feeling. However, when he sees what happens in war, poverty, and death, he is not happy with his adventure. Jonas did not understand killing animals or people since the society did away with killing.

With the joy and pain together, it is a fact that pain does not set well with us.

Instead of being a robot, the creativity allowed in the real world brings happiness and love. Jonas learned to laugh. How could anyone do without laughing?

The message the film gives the audience will supply everyone with plenty of thought provoking material to ponder over. It is filled with science fiction, drama, and the boring way the individuals had to exist.

The film will give the audience plenty of opportunities to think about the story, and what it means. Why would anyone want to live where everything is perfect in a place created by man? Anyway, the film is off the grid, but it had its moments. It gives the audience a chance to think and discuss it afterwards.

A lot of teachers have their students read the book. It allows the students to think outside the box. That is creativity. Everyone knows that creativity should be used in the classroom everyday.

Students learn to invent, create, and look at the world with a different perspective. In other words, reach for the stars. Look at the world, and what it is doing. It is our responsibility to make the world a better place with new and innovative ideas.

There are many ways to help make a better society, but as teachers know, we must teach students to go beyond their expectations. Watching a movie like this and reading books sparks our thinking and allows us to become creative, imaginative, and innovative.

Our world is becoming more dependent on creativity as each day passes.

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