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Letter to the Editor
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To the editor:

As the new school year has just begun, I would like to bring a problem that has been bugging me to the attention of both students and adults.

The problem is rumors and gossip.

I am sure each school has its own example they can use. My example is about Alcorn Central High School – a school where my daughter has been teaching for 25 years.

I have volunteered at this school for several years and am proud of their accomplishments with a very limited budget.

From the principal down, you see teachers preparing for the new school year with money from their own pocket. They clean, paint and wax. Anything that needs to be done – they do it because they want their students to be proud of their facility.

Recently, a friend asked me what was “wrong” with Alcorn Central. I didn’t think anything was wrong with Alcorn Central and did not know to what she was referring.

Word has it that Alcorn Central had 100 students and only 45 graduated.

I was livid because I knew this was not true since my daughter taught 12th grade English, was a sponsor of the seniors and was in charge of graduation.

If this was true you, could have heard my daughter’s distraught voice down to the Alcorn County Courthouse.

After I checked, the correct figures showed a class of 96 with 92 graduating. Pretty well, since the ones who did not graduate had a problem with attendance and turning work in on time or not at all.

The only way we can improve Alcorn County and Corinth Schools is to work together.

As all of our mothers have told us: If you cannot say something nice (or not substantiated), don’t say anything at all.

God says in his Book,”Yea my heart shall rejoice when thy lips speak right things.” (Prov. 23:16)

Please encourage teachers and students alike in order for us to put out the best we can.

Everyone, please be a good example.

Dot Pittman

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