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Obeying the law is in God’s plan
by Gary Andrews
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Much of the problems hindering today’s social society are that everyone wants to live by their own rules and not abide by rules put in place years and years ago.

I remember growing up that when I went to school I was informed of what the rules were for an education and what the rules were for playing extracurricular sports. If I didn’t like the rules then I wasn’t allowed to participate and my parents backed the system. They didn’t whine to the ACLU because I couldn’t have my way.

My how time has changed! I was reading about a young man wanting to play basketball but because his hair was beyond the length of team rules, he wasn’t allowed to participate. His parents sued the school because their son wasn’t allowed to break the rules. You can read of this type suit in most newspapers any day of the week. Where has it been written that life is fair? Where has it been written that every boy or girl can have their way in our school systems and not abide by the rules? Where has it been written that everyone has to win or have their way?

What are we telling our young, arrogant people of today? It doesn’t matter that we have rules and laws; you don’t have to listen or obey them.

I firmly believe that most of our problems of today come from a breakdown in our family units. Many parents are taking up for their children, yet they are not raising their children. We need to remember what is written in Nehemiah 9:16 about the forefathers of the Israelites who had gone astray from the law God put in place.

“But they, our forefathers, became arrogant and stiff-necked, and did not obey your commands.”

Sounds a little bit like our society today. Is this same verse going to be what our children and our children’s children are going to say about us?

Prayer: Father guide us in everything we do. Lead us in the direction you would have us go and let us obey your laws as well as the laws of the land. Amen.

Gary Andrews is the author of Encouraging Words: 30-days in God’s Word. To obtain a copy go to his website

(Suggested daily Bible readings: Sunday - 1 Timothy 1:8-11; Monday - Galatians 3:23-24; Tuesday - Deuteronomy 6:1-3; Wednesday - Job 34:33; Thursday - Acts 16:4; Friday - Genesis 20:1-18; Saturday - Romans 8:28.) A125-11

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