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Receiving God’s message through song
by Gary Andrews
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I am a fan of gospel music and I really enjoy the Gaithers and all of the old time singers coming together to perform. I have only seen them once in person and I sat in the nose bleed section, but none the less my spirit was not dampened because of the purity of the message and the heart that the message was delivered with was real and very enlightening.

It is sad to say that when you see programs such as these that the audiences are of the baby boomer generation or older. Not many of the younger adults or young people are into the old style gospel music. A lot of this can be because you don’t see the fire and brimstone preaching anymore on television or hear it in the church congregations.

Many churches have changed to contemporary styles of singing to reach the youth of today, and the message is the same just a different style of deliverance.

For me to accept this new style of music is hard just as it is for the youth of today to accept the old traditional style of singing that I adore. As long as we are praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it shouldn’t matter what style of singing we have as long as it is directed to Him and for Him.

One of the Gaither members is Mark Lowry, a tremendous singer and comedian. Not only does he have a great voice and message through song, but his humor and wit fits well among all who will stop and listen to his message.

I heard him say that, “It’s hard to laugh with your arms folded.”

I hadn’t really thought about this before but he said if you look around your church pews you will find many people with their arms folded and just waiting for the service to be over. Folded arms tend to push people away and say lets get through with this. When a person unfolds their arms they are more willing to open up get involved in the message and also more apt to join in singing.

I have found myself doing this when I didn’t like the style of music being sung, but I am turning over a new leaf this year. No more folded arms for me and more participation in what I am not really used to.

It doesn’t matter what we are involved in and what situation we are staring at. All of us need to unfold our arms and give a listen to the message coming forth and join in, if the message being delivered is for Jesus and Jesus alone.

Prayer: Father, thank you for our older generation and our young people. I pray that each one will unfold their arms and listen to their message and that you will be praised through all of them. Amen.

(Daily Corinthian columnist and Corinth native Gary Andrews is retired after 35 years in the newspaper and magazine business. He may be contacted at
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