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103-year-old enjoys life's passions
by Joseph Miller
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Something can be said for those who are dedicated to their passions in this life.

Although everyone's passions are different, one thing remains the same -- most people have them and pursue them in one way or another.

On December 24,1909, Mary Taylor was born in Central Mississippi and she has had plenty of passions throughout her extended lifetime. In 1912, Taylor moved to Corinth when she was four years old years old and she developed a love for reading the newspaper. Not just any newspaper, but the Daily Corinthian.

Taylor has been subscribing to the Daily Corinthian since she was 30-years old and the faithful reader has never looked back.

“I started my subscription back in 1939 and I loved reading the newspaper back then. I still love reading it today,” Taylor said.

Taylor is now 103 years old and is looking forward to her one-hundred and fourth birthday on Dec. 24 this year. Taylor said she hasn’t missed a day of getting her Daily Corinthian newspaper for the past 74 years delivered to her where ever she has lived, and the subscriber doesn’t plan to miss getting one anytime soon.

“Even though I currently live in the Shoals (Ala.) in assisted living, I still want to know the news that the Daily Corinthian newspaper is printing out and I wanted the paper to be delivered to me here no matter what,” Taylor said. “I live in the Shoals area now because this is where my daughter (Nancy Webb) lives and she wanted me closer to her. She takes good care of me and she knows I don’t want my subscription to the Daily Corinthian cancelled.”

Talk about passion, Taylor’s passion for the newspaper is clearly one that cannot be derailed. Her daughter was going to cancel her subscription when they first moved to Alabama. However, Taylor wasn’t having any of that.

“Yes, that is correct,” Webb said. "I tried to cancel that subscription when we had my mother moved here [Alabama]. But she persisted we didn’t do that, so the deliveries continued.”

Another passion she has was to make sure her legal home remained in Mississippi. Taylor still has her legal residence listed as Corinth. Taylor also has a passion for her husband, the former Sheriff-Justice Court Judge of Alcorn County, Lyle Taylor of Corinth, who died 30 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor had three children, Webb, Jimmy and Charles, who all graduated from Corinth High School.

“My mom is still doing well to be almost 104-years old,” Webb elaborated. “She still has a great memory and loves talking about her memories of her life and one of those memories is about her love for the Daily Corinthian newspaper. Her eyesight isn’t the same as it used to be and she has to have someone read the paper to her sometimes. The paper carrier has been so nice to my mother and has delivered the newspaper right to her door -- over the last few years -- and we appreciate it very much.”

Taylor was a stay-at-home mom. She said that should be the way it is for all the women who can do it, but, she did work at the sheriff’s office some with her husband in her spare time.

“I helped [Lyle] out at the office sometimes, but for the most part I just enjoyed being home with my children and raising them,” Taylor said. “After my kids were grown and gone and my husband died, I lived by myself until I was 101 years old.”

Taylor’s biggest passion in life is serving God.

“I have been a member of Tate Street Baptist Church since I was four years old and I am very proud of that,” said Taylor.

Certainly, it is fair to say Taylor has lived out her passions in life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.
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